Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nobody Likes a Know-It-All

I found myself in a position yesterday that really, really made me wish it was okay to kick and scream and react in the same mindless, ignorant way this person had done.

Thankfully, I didn't.

Though part of me still kinda wants to.

Most of you know the situation my husband and I are facing with impending layoffs in the city. A "sudden" deficit has come up of 6 million dollars for next year's city budget, so they're making up the difference by, that's right, cutting fireman and policeman's jobs. 38 fireman, 26 cops.

It's still hard to type that without rolling my eyes.

Anyway, my husband is facing a layoff, after nearly two years of service, by December 31st. The layoffs have to be approved by city council and its becoming a big ordeal, as it should be. It shouldn't be easy to lay off that many men and women who have given their lives to service and sacrificed money and family time to do something worthwhile.

Well this issue has also created quite a stir in the community and even surrounding communities. There is a new facebook group dedicated for the sole purpose of ranting and voicing your opinions on the situation. It seems, based on the ones who have spoken up, that most everyone in the city is outraged and would rather raises taxes or do something along those lines then lose their protection services. But so far they haven't been given that option to vote on. I'm guessing it might be coming but I can't be sure.

This city has been KNOWN for being great. For being safe. For low crime rates and Class 1 Rating response time and coverage for fire. To lose that, crime will grow, and people will die from not being reached in time. It's inevitable. Not to mention homeowners insurance going up because of losing that Class 1 ranking. People are outraged, as they should be.

So after hearing so much encouragement and sympathy and support from everyone I know and even strangers online, it was quite the shock to log onto a news website and read a comment from (and I'm being nice) the peanut gallery.

Everyone else on the website had posted responses that were intelligent, not emotional, even though they expressed their personal feelings as well. It was nice to read. It wasn't a big lynch mob for the mayor, though I've seen those posts too. It was educated and refreshing.

Til one post. Anonymous Poster wrote in (in horrible grammar and run-on sentences I might add) that cops and firemen were overpaid and it was high time someone realized that and did something about it, and that the state pay they earn monthly is unnecessary and doesn't do anything but feed their donut fetish.

I almost dropped my laptop.

I can't tell you how many horrible responsese I wrote and deleted before sending. I was livid. Overpaid? Are you KIDDING me? City service salaries are public knowledge, you can easily look them up and see for yourself, and it's ridiculous to even use that word. Overpaid???? I know secretaries who start out at more. Why do you think all firemen have second jobs?

I know that post was written by someone who had done zero research, probably heard glimpses of the story, and ran off at the mouth just to do it. Some people unfortunately are like that.

And I kinda hope Anonymous Poster is a resident of this particular city and wonders why help is taking so long next time they're in a car wreck or other emergency.

Sorry, Anonymous Poster. They're too busy eating donuts.


W Weido said...

Betsy -
It is truly a shame that we live amongst the uneducated (not necessarily meaning no school, but just lack of fully understanding the issue). I know that, by reading your post, you are dealing with this with grace and trusting God. I live across the river in the sister city and am shocked to hear that this is going on in your city (I seriously considered moving over that way because of the high crime here on my side). I work with many who live and are outraged at what this is going to mean. I hope your city council wakes up and realizes that this move will be a detriment for them, just as much as for the city residents. Praying for ya'll.

Georgiana said...

What is WRONG with some people? It's too bad the site allows anonymity, as so many internet sites do. You see, if you had to attach your face and name to a comment, most (normal) people would think twice before spouting off.

Erica Vetsch said...

Have you ever noticed that those kinds of posts always come from the same person? Anonymous has a lot to answer for.

Personally, if a commentor doesn't have the courage to put his/her name to her statements, then the statements aren't worth the bandwidth they are consuming.

And you can quote me on that one. :)

Lori said...

Haha! Erica, you make me laugh. :)

Betsy, we're all in your corner!!