Monday, October 12, 2009

Mundane Monday

It's Monday, and I'm tired!

Usually I love Mondays - its a fresh start to a new week. A time to reorganize, jump back into projects and goals, and for us Tpye A's - relish in the structure of the week vs the chaos (even if its fun chaos) of the weekend. I'm usually revving to go and get a ton accomplished on Mondays, including housework and writing and errands.

Today, I'm just tired. Maybe its the weather. It has been rainy, storming, or at best, cloudy here for weeks. I miss the sun! I need my vitamin beams! Who can relate? I know there is an actual disease that enables mood swings when the sun doesn't shine for awhile. I don't have that, but I am starting to emphathize.
So for anyone who needs some sunshine this week, real or figurative, here's a few sweet beams from me to you - pics of Little Miss at her first pumpkin patch. =)

So many pumpkins, so little time. I think she tried to touch every single one.

Above, she was actually straining to try to pick it up. LOL. My supergirl.

She and I were both muddy wrecks afterward. It took lots of dishwashing detergent and bleach to clean her once white shoes and new purple pants. Everything came out though, and she had a blast. Got the sniffles the next day from running around in the cool and mist, but it was worth it. =)

Here she is Sunday morning modeling her new dress for church with Gigi. (and daddy's truck keys)

Happy Monday!


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Your Little Miss is so cute, and what a batch of pumpkins!!!

I'm with you on the vitamin beams. My lack of them has lead to a bad head cold. I sure hope that doesn't happen to you!

May Tuesday be your usual Monday, Betsy!

Georgianad said...

AWWWW! She is ridiculously CUTE! Babies make life so fun. I can't show hubby these pictures cuz he'll bug me for another one. LOL!

Send your weather my way. It's my total favorite and I can get lots done. It's the sunshine that makes me want to hibernate. HAHA!

Erica Vetsch said...

Sweet! I remember taking my kidlets to the pumpkin patch. :)