Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Our church this week is having a revival!

To many, the word "revival" brings to mind small country towns, small country chuches, and loud, sweaty preachers in pinstripe suits, pounding the pulpit and thumping Bibles while the congregation sits in white hats, waving bulletins as fans and shouting Amen...

Well, some of the above was true last Sunday, but not much of it. The preacher is big, and loud, but not in a yelling kind of way, just an "I have a booming voice and can't help it" kind of way - and his suit was pinstriped but very subtle and quite classy =) The auditorium was blessedly cool and no one was fanning or distracted at all because of the power of the Truth spoken.
We unfortunately weren't able to go back Sunday or Monday night, but we intend to go tonight and tomorrow. I'm very excited, because Sunday morning was so powerful!!

Most evanglists are obviously in the business of preaching heaven and hell. You can't talk about salvation without talking about each particular location, but this revival preacher did it in an honest way that didn't feel like "fire and brimstone preaching" that offends so many. He just shared his heart, shared the Truth of Jesus and was very open and honest with his own tesitmony and past.

And wow, the Holy Spirit moved and several were led to Christ. We have a small church, and often weeks and months can go by without anyone openly responding to the altar call. But God spoke through this humble man and reached many. It was an honor to watch.

Something that I don't think I'll ever forget was during the invitation, after a few minutes had passed and many were praying at the altar, the evangalist said "I don't care who you are, or who you're sitting next to, or how well you know them. Look your neighbor in the eye and ask them if they were to die today, would they know for sure they were going to Heaven?"

I asked my hubby and he asked me, and then when I tried back to face the front, I saw one of the associate ministers of our church asking the youth in the row behind him, a visitor, I think. Saw the minister's lips move, saw the teenage boy stiffen...and then crumble. Before my eyes I witnessed a battle between heaven and hell. The teen cried and shook his head and fell on the man's shoulder and they prayed and the boy received Christ that very minute. I was crying just watching!! What a blessing to see! I'll never forget the emotion of that moment.
I don't get into deep spiritual matters very often on my blog, as I respect that there are many different denominations represented in my readers and I truly do NOT wish to waste time arguing about dunking versus sprinkling or Saturday night vs Sunday morning services or any of the other "religious" hang ups that can divide brothers and sisters in Christ.

But I have to ask today, can you answer the question the evangalist asked us? Can you know in your heart 100% that if you were to draw your last breath this minute, would you go to Heaven?

There IS a way to know for sure...and salvation and eternity with Christ can be yours if you want it! Email me privately to ask how, if you're uncertain. Why risk something that important? I'd be happy to talk with you. =)


Erica Vetsch said...

Betsy, I got chills reading about that boy! How amazing of God to have the right person next to him to ask the question at just the right time.

Georgiana said...

What a great service! I always smile and think about how the angels are rejoicing over even one person being saved.

Jennye said...

I teared up just reading about the boy. That's so amazing!