Monday, August 24, 2009

Booksigning Results!

The booksigning went well! We each sold several copies and had a blast visiting with each other. Lenora Worth and Winnie Griggs are so fun to be around! What talented ladies. It was a joy signing with them.

I'm also now officially going to be a part of a local event November 1st. Me along with several other authors (5 so far, probably even more as time draws nearer!) will be doing a signing and participating in a fundraiser for our local Community Renewal, which is a very neat organization. More details on that to come!

Here are some pics from the event Saturday! =)

Look at all of Lenora's various books in her pile on the end!!! lol I hope to be there one day. She's written 40 so far! =)

Lil Miss came along to the end of the signing and ended up loving the cozy Barnes & Noble reading chair. What a little natural =)


Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

That's terrific! Looks like it was a wonderful time and your little Miss looks just darling!

Georgiana said...

Precious baby!!! She IS a natural.

Not to worry, I'm certain you will have a big pile in the near future :D