Monday, August 10, 2009

A full time job

I've mentioned before how being a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom is a full time job, but I haven't mentioned that it's without sick days!

Earlier in the week, Hubby got sick. Head cold, congestion, nothing serious, just enough to feel BLAH. He went straight to the doc, got a pack of pills and a steriod shot, and felt better just in time for our anniversay celebration Thursday. Well by Friday, after the celebrating, I started feeling bad - a scratchy throat, the kind you notice just enough to annoy you and the kind that makes you realize and dread...sickness is on the way. Also, on Thursday night/Friday morning, Lil Miss started running a low grade fever and coughing and sneezing.

Saturday, I was sick. Hubby worked, and me and Lil Miss literally laid around all day and wallowed and watched cartoons and ate soup and just draped over the furniture in our PJs. She seemed fine except being tired and having a slight cough. Mine was all congestion and sore throat.

Sunday morning, I woke up feeling 10 times better, and so did Lil Miss. We went to church and lunch with friends, but by the time I got home that afternoon - BLAH x 100. I took a nap while Hubby watched Lil Miss, and woke up dazed and glazed. I had a 101.1 fever. Tylenol all around! I was so worried I'd get Lil Miss re-sick but Hubby said she should be fine since she already had it.

I popped a Nyquil, went to bed early, slept like a ROCK, and today - voila! So much better. Whew. So is Lil Miss. Hopefully the worst is over for all of us.

I'm just grateful the timing worked the way it did and I didn't miss out on our anniversay plans. Praise God!

So how are you today? Anyone else fighting a summer cold? Allergies?


Georgiana said...

Glad to hear you are feeling much better!!!

I'm OK except for the usual weirdo aches and pains. It's tough being a hypo =P

Krista Phillips said...

Oh, my, I can SO relate! The WORST is when 3 kids, hubby AND me are all sick at the same time. Thankfully it's only happened a handful of times, but when it does, yeah, our household is NOT a pretty sight.

R. Willis said...

Sneezing and headache. The headache hits around 2 or 3 in the afternoon and, as you said, "BLAH!" Appetite so-so. I'm trying to stay well to avoid any additional days off this school year!

Erica Vetsch said...

God has been good to us this summer, helping us stay healthy.

Glad you're feeling better!