Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time to celebrate!

I'm Snoopy dancing today!

I found out earlier this week that my agent, Tamela Hancock Murray of Hartline Literary Agency, sold another novel of mine to Steeple Hill Love Inspired.

TO LASSO LOVE (working title) will be my third book with Steeple Hill Love Inspired and will be out sometime in 2010. (release date to come!)

RETURN TO LOVE, about a penguin keeper working at the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans and falling in love with her former rock star, childhood best friend, will release in stores July 1st.

It's sequel, A VALENTINE'S WISH, about a woman receiving gifts from a Secret Admirer while working in an chocolate boutique in the French Quarter (Is the Secret Admirer her youth pastor best friend? The handsome Italian baker? Or her ex fiance?) will release in stores February 2010.

Dance with me, will you? =)


Erica Vetsch said...

Yay!!! I'm dancing with you, Betsy! Celebrate!

This might call for new polka dot shoes!

Georgiana said...

Woohoo! You're doing a lot of dancing lately!

Eileen Astels Watson said...


Linda said...

I'm dancing, I'm dancing! Congratulations!!!

Jenny said...

Congratulations, Betsy! That is such exciting news.

Shelley said...

That is definitely something to dance about! All your books sound really good!