Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's Official!

I am the mother of a crawler.

That's right, after weeks of struggling, falling, wiggling, collapsing, straining, pushing, and rocking, my Little Miss took her first REAL steps crawling.

I was soooooo happy I got to see it first! She's been SO close for SO long, we figured one day it would click, and sure enough it did! Yesterday afternoon I was hanging up clothes in my large closet (its really more like a full room) while Little Miss played on the floor. I looked over and there she went! One shaky step, then another, then a third. When I realized it was for real and not another "almost", I called for Hubby to come watch. She did it a few more times for him, then we broke out the video camera to get it on film! She performed great!! Such sweet moments!

This morning, she had a little trouble showing Nana and Papa - only managed one or two small steps, but I know by this afternoon she'll be an avid show-off again =)
Time to baby proof!!!


Georgiana said...

Exciting times! She'll be a pro by tonight! Definitely time to baby proof. Woohoo!

Linda said...

Yep, definitely time to baby proof! I think it is so great you can be home to watch all these milestones in your baby's life. Being a mother is one the hardest jobs on earth-nurturing a child in a child of God.

Betsy Ann St. Amant said...

Actually Linda, I work full time which is why I was so excited to get to see a "first". =) I've been so blessed to hear her first "da-da" and see her first crawl steps and get some of the first "sugars".

We're working on changing those circumstances but so far, no open door yet. Still praying! =)

Eileen Astels Watson said...

Congratulations. Now the fun really begins! :)

Erica Vetsch said...

Yay! Congratulations. A whole new world has opened up for both of you. So fun!