Monday, April 06, 2009

Shout out!

On behalf of my eight-month old daughter, I must give a shout out this morning to country star Taylor Swift, who won album of the year last night at the 2009 Country Music Awards. You could still she was SHOCKED, beating out Montgomery Gentry, Carrie Underwood and other big names.

Here's a quote during her acceptance speech, which I thought was adorable.

"I think a lot of people who know me know that if I talk to you for more than five minutes, I'm probably going to write a song about you, so that being said I'd like to thank all the characters in my songs: Abigail, Hey Stephen, Tim McGraw and Romeo."

Taylor Swift is one of my daughter's favorite singers. How could I possibly know this when she's not quite 9 months old? =) Easy! Every time I play Taylor's CD in her room, she dances with me. Grins really big. Throws her arm in the air while I spin her around. She'll look up when she hears Taylor's voice on TV or radio, and will spend 15 straight minutes watching Taylor videos on youtube.

Last night, we were watching the awards, and as soon as Taylor come on the screen, she started kicking, grinning, and waving. Yes, waving, at Ms. Swift. Too precious! =)

So on behalf of Audrey and Taylor-fans everywhere, congratulations! You deserve it, girl!

PS - Taylor also won an award she wasn't even aware of, the Crystal Milestone! This award was given to her by host Reba, who called a confused, stricken Taylor over to center stage after Taylor's performance, and said "You ain't done, yet." haha. Rebba then handed the beautiful trophy to Taylor and said it was for bringing a new crowd of fans to the country music world, and for her huge success at such a young age. Go Taylor!!


Erica Vetsch said...

I'm a big-time Taylor fan, and if it is possible to wear out a CD, I'm fixin' to try it with Fearless.

My daughter's a Taylor fan too, but she's got a few years on Audrey

Betsy Ann St. Amant said...

It's been playing nonstop in my car for a week now! lol Every song on FEARLESS is soooooo great. And I love that Taylor has so far stayed out of the tabloids, stayed classy and graceful, not trashy, not over-revealing, etc. She seems to be a "good girl" - hope that sticks.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

How cute!! Great memories for sure.

Georgiana said...

How am I the only one who doesn't know who she is? LOL, even my 4-year-old knows her. Very cute Audrey store :-)

Carmen7351 said...

I don't know her! She must be good to beat out Carrie Underwood!