Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Tuesday Morning Blessing

Yesterday was a bad day. Just chaos, frustration, and stress. Not one horrible or major thing happened, just a series of small things that led to tense shoulders, frustrated arguments with loved ones, and stress headaches.

Audrey also had a rather tough afternoon/evening, as she didn't seem to be feeling great herself.

However, the night wrapped up in a positive manner, with everyone asleep soundly and early after a good dinner and a visit with a friend of ours. (and a brownie!) =)

This morning I woke still sleepy, after having to get up and find Audrey's pacifier several times during the night, and also with a mild neckache from sleeping wrong on my pillow. I had to be at work a few minutes early to prepare the office for a big meeting (set out the breakfast tray I ordered yesterday, fill the thermo with coffee for the boardroom, etc.) and so I was already a little tense and hoping my day wouldn't end up like yesterday.

I was driving to work and listening to KLOVE, a fantastic Christian radio station, and two of my favorite songs came on back to back. Songs that aren't necessarily played a lot on that station, or at least not when I'm listening. It felt like SUCH a personalized blessing! I sang along and worshiped in my heart and had a lovely drive to work, feeling renewed and ready for the day.

Thank you, Lord!

(the songs were BLESSED BE YOUR NAME by Tree 63 and Addison Road's HOPE NOW) =)


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Prayers for staying on the upswing. May this be a much better day!!

Erica Vetsch said...

Those out of sorts days always present us with a choice, don't they?

A lot of the time I choose the whine and grouse route, but sometimes I get it right and cast those cares upon Him.

I'm glad God sent you a blessing reminder in the form of music. It's like water to the parched soul, isn't it?

Georgiana said...

That's such a sweet blessing! I love it when God does that, just to remind us how much He cares.

PS. Upon first read, I thought you wrote "fill the thermos with coffee for the bathroom"--I'm like, wow, they sure cover all their bases there!