Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Idol or Idiot?

Idol or Idiot?

That's the question of the day for many viewers who tuned in to watch the first episode of the new AMERICAN IDOL season last night.

I like the show. I admit it. I never did hop on the realty TV show bandwagon but this one is pretty good. Entertaining, to say the least, especially these early episodes in the season where anyone and sometimes even anything can audition. Some auditions bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "tone deaf" but hey, they have more courage than me getting up there and singing to the world. Literally!

Last night was no exception. We had sobbing wanna-be rockstars, a guy who sang AND looked remarkable like Smegal from Lord of the Rings, a handful of actually talented people, a blind man who totally rocked the house, a guy with a fro that could barely fit through the doorway, and...bikini girl.

Which brings me back to my blog title of Idol or Idiot...

I know sex sells. I know Bikini Girl was guaranteed to get attention and that's why she did it - she admitted so much herself in the interview. And I know the producers were probably toasting each other at their good luck when she strolled on the scene because they knew they could use her particular audition as a preview-teaser throughout the show and keep viewers watching throughout the two hours so they might see her at the end. Then the producers probably dropped the champagne glasses and went out and bought new cars at their good luck after Bikini Girl and new judge Kara got into a heated cat-fight over their voices. Guaranteed ratings! Everyone wins!

Except Bikini Girl. Sure, she's going to Hollywood. Sure, she got to kiss host Ryan, even if it did look a little forced and he did look a little pertrified. Sure, she made a splash, had her 15 minutes of fame, and made Simon's eyes nearly pop out of his head.

But what kind of fame is that? Here soon Bikini Girl is going to realize her Idol-istic move was more idiot than superstar. She's going to want people to hear her voice and not just stare at her....well, you know. She's going to want people to know her name. Who can remember it? Probably a few, but not most. She's Bikini Girl. What kind of cheap legacy is that? She'll probably get to Hollywood and fail out as soon as the judges realize the attention grabbing, hair tossing, ratings-boosting time is over and its now time to get to the talent segment of the show. She wasn't a bad singer, but she wasn't great. In my opinion, too much head jerking, chin action when she sang. In my experience in watching the show, the girls with super-big attitudes never get to become super-stars. Their foul moods evenutally get them kicked off, especially when America gets to vote.

And especially if Judge Kara gets a chance at revenge!

The bikini got her to Hollywood, but more than likely, she'll be another classic falling star among a sky full of hopefuls. It's really pretty sad. Hopefully the women who aren't necessarily supermodels but are actually talented will be able to progress this season and not be voted out because they aren't a size 2 or don't have long beauty-salon hair or a perfect tan.

My personal fav so far is Ariana. That girl could sing! And she's apparently got herself a sweet little heart if she's created a good cause for the elderly in nursing homes.

Come on , America, vote wisely! We did great last year with David Cook! Let's keep up the good work! =)


Georgiana said...

You're much nicer than I am. People like Bikini Girl annoy me. It IS cheap. But the sad part is that she doesn't have enough confidence in her other skills to let those shine. I always tell my teen that girls who show too much often believe that's their only real asset and the only way for them to get attention. Sad commentary on society =(

Carrie Patterson said...

Good job on calling that out. That is what me and the ladies at my work said about that girl...she will always be "bikini girl". No one could focus on her talent (which was okay) because they were too busy looking at her.
The Ariana girl is one of my favorites too! Such a sweet girl it seems and great voice. I like seeing people win that really deserve it and really appreciate this opportunity (like David Cook - LOVE HIM!)...

Lori said...

Totally agree. Obviously, Bikini Girl was gorgeous, but I still felt sorry for her. It was kinda painful to watch. The thing that annoyed me the most though, was the way Mr. Tell-It-Like-It-Is-Simon nearly drooled on the table. It was disturbing. I mean, if she was dumpy-looking there's no way he would have put her through. Probably would've made some rude cracks about her voice and her argument with Kara. Usually, I kinda like Simon, but that little display there is why the Bikini Girls of the world exist. Blatant sexuality apparently makes some people turn off their brains.

Dawn said...

I love the blind guy and the music teacher that just lost his wife....both just really touched my heart with their overcoming attitudes and with their beautiful voices.
I agree - Bikini Girl didn't show any kind of respect for herself. It was actually very sad.