Thursday, January 08, 2009

For authors only...

A new year, a new start. Not only for weight loss and other resolutions, but also for writing.

Fellow authors, what are your goals this year regarding furthering your writing career? What steps are you taking to get where you ultimately want to be?

There are various quotes that revolve aroud the fact of - if you don't change something, nothing will change - meaning that if you continue to do the exact same things you're doing now, you can't expect different results!

For me, I'm planning on attending two writing conferences, one here in Louisiana locally and one in Denver, Colorado. Right now, I am contracted with Steeple Hill Love Inspired for two novels this year (one releasing in July 2009, the other February 2010) but I hope to earn another contract or two before 2009 is over. I hope to use my time wisely in order to fully invest in my writing, but not at the sacrifice of my family and the precious time I have with them. It's a giant balance. Some days I teeter quite precariously, other days it all evens out. For 2009, I hope to have more balanced days and less wobbling. =)

So what will change for you this year? What will you give up for your career? What sacrifices will you make time-wise or money-wise to invest in your writing?

Or maybe this is a year of change for you in other ways. Maybe this is the year you step back, take it easy, and re-evaluate.

Regardless the road your writing career is cruising on this year, be sure to cover it in prayer. Share your goals and dreams with God, the Author and Finisher of our faith. He'll be sure to keep you on the right path. =)


Georgiana said...

Covering it in prayer is SUCH a must. Last night God answered me so specifically and powerfully about continuing on with writing, that I am now encouraged and ready to roll! Maybe I should sit down and make goals, since I was hesitant to do it before.

nef29 said...

hello Betsy, I am a very inspired person, got the dreams and ambition to become a writer but I just can't write!
I am blocked most often and I lack words to express wht I want to write. I keep praying and I wish to publish some of my poems this year as well as complete my first novel.thanks for your ispiring words