Friday, December 19, 2008

Enough is Enough!!

I'm done! Enough is enough.


Why is Christmas only wished with calories, fat grams, and sugar? Seriously, the last two weeks here at work has been a true sugar fest. We've literally gotten at least one delivery every day of some form of cheese straw, gourmet chocolate, cookie, candy, or roasted nut. We've got pies, cakes, breads, teas, hot chocolate mixes, and "reindeer food" (trailmix). Each day I've told myself I wouldn't eat anything else sweet and each day I caved.

Last night, I decided NO MORE. I'm still trying to lose 10 lbs or so of baby weight, not add to it, AND I want to be able to enjoy a few of my favorite family goodies on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

So I am done eating badly for the next week. Besides, the last several days at work I've left feeling truly miserable. Not just feeling "emotionally fat" like women tend to do, but feeling physically blah and borderline sick from the mass sugar intake.

Not exactly the best way to get in the Christmas spirit!

I was quite happy with my decision to abstain, and figured the delivery rush was surely over by now. So I came to work this morning, put up my bags, reached for my Diet Coke, and - saw a coworker bringing in a giant new basket of cookies. Followed by a second coworker toting a large bakery box of donuts - my favorite brand.

I actually considered crying.

Instead, I took my Diet Coke to my desk, pulled out my trusty breakfast granola bar, and chowed down as planned, thinking "get behind me Satan!" every time a donut image popped in my mind.

I'm quite proud of myself for resisting. Now let's see if I can keep it up for the rest of the day.

Victory, so far, is much sweeter than cookies.


Audra Elizabeth said...

OOO, I would LOVE working at your office. :D

Erica Vetsch said...

You go, girl! You can do it!

And let's all have a moment of thankfulness for Diet Coke. :)

Georgiana said...

I want to come and eat at your office! As a stay home, there aren't any treats unless I make them myself. Unless you count all the ice cream hubby brings home =P

Shelley said...

I've been tired and blah at work the last couple of days. I think part of the reason might be from the massive sugar intake due to everyone bringing chocolates, food, etc. in for us to snack on. It never occurred to me until after reading your post that my tiredness might be from that. Thankfully today was a little better - and there were no treats (well a few left over cookies, but I didn't have any of those). Next week will probably have more treats...I need to watch myself and behave!

Anonymous said...

Not to make anybody fall off the wagon or anything, but... where can I get one of those cupcakes? That frosting looks... mmmmm.

See the deal is, I have no oven, or kitchen for that matter (just moved, still remodeling) and so I can't make my yearly Christmas treats. I stay at home with the kiddos, so there are no office goodies. Basically, I'm looking for the calories, but I can't find any. If I visit you, will you feed me?