Monday, December 22, 2008

Another day in the life post by Audrey!

It's me again.

Mom's at work, so I can do this really quick without her knowing.

I figured my fans needed an update on my life, since I'm over 5 months old now. I'm practically ancient! But Mom realized yesterday she was going to be 25 in March and freaked out. It was pretty funny. Dad's a year younger than Mom, but they look fine to me. Hey, as long as they keep the bottles coming, who cares how old they are?

So I had my first piggyback ride the other day. That was cool. I like being up high. Thanks Daddy!!

In other news, I had my first taste of green beans the other day. I make faces when I eat them, hoping that will make Mom stop, but she says I need them to be strong like Daddy, and I do wanna be buff. So I make myself eat them. I guess they're really not THAT bad...

Still loving my playstation. Not much new there. I sit in it a lot in Mom's bathroom while she does her make-up and dries her hair. Sometimes she sings Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree to me and we groove.

I opened some Christmas gifts from Mimi yesterday and that was awesome! I looooove wrapping paper. She gave me good gifts, too. A stuffed horsey I can sit on, a steering wheel that makes car noises, and some clothes. I like my footie PJs.

My favorite blankie still makes me sooo happy! Mom and Daddy let me play nakey in my crib sometimes with it and I get all excited. I love Fleece!!

I'm learning how to give slobber kisses. I like to grab Mommy's hair and pull her face to me where she can't get away, and drool all over her. Haha. Its soooo fun. She acts like she minds me pulling her hair but I don't think she really does cuz she always laughs after I kiss her.

Mom's really good about keeping me in comfy play clothes during the day. But sometimes I get dressed up for church. This dress was super fun to lift over my head. Everyone at church said I looked like an angel. That's nice.

There are still a bunch of shenanigans going on, as you can tell. But I'm happy! Life is good. Mommy and Daddy are pretty cool even though they still have their weird-making-faces moments. But its okay. I know they love me!! And I can't wait to see what all this Christmas stuff is they keeping talking about. Just a few more days, from what I hear.

Uh oh, Mom's coming!!! Gotta go!


Tamela said...

Wow, you DO have a happy life! What great pictures. You are already a great model. Green beans will grow on you -- I just know it. Have a Merry Christmas! Hugs, "Aunt" Tamela

Stacy Gibbs said...

How cute! She is precious! :)

Sue said...

Hi Audrey!

I like your pictures and your cute blog! Wait until you taste beets - they are fun like green beans!