Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of THOSE weeks.

So this week has been exhausting.

Monday I got a notification that I'd been laid off my part-time job in the oil and gas industry, along with about half of the rest of the company. Talk about surprise! I'd been there almost 2 years, and while I knew the job wasn't super-stable (its a hazard of the industry) I had finally stopped feeling like I could be let go any day and planned on staying a while longer. But now, my last day there is the 27th. I'm relieved in a sense, and peaceful because I feel this door is shutting for a reason, and that maybe this is my opportunity and chance to really focus on my writing for a season, however long that season lasts. I hope that comes true. I wish we had been in a little better position financially before having that paycheck taken away BUT...I believe it will work out. Pray for us! And the others in my company, who are now scrambling to look for full time jobs ASAP. :(

In the middle of all that, Little Miss got sick and threw up in the movie theater during Beauty & the Beast 3D. The past 48 hours have been low grade fevers, runny noses, and not enough sleep for anyone in the house. I actually caught myself talking to my mocha yesterday. Ha! She's moody and unpredictable, as am I from stress and trying to cheer her up, and it's not pretty around here. Who wants to come do my dishes? I'll warn you now about the lasagna pan.


Did I mention we put my car in the shop today? Yeah.

I hope your week IS better than mine, and I hope my week GETS better. ;)

Happy Thursday! I'm keeping my chin up, and my eyelids propped.... Zzzzzzz


Talia said...

I'll be praying for you!!!!!!

My week has been soooo up-down! On Saturday one of ny best friends had a major heart failure and is in the hospital (please pray for her)!

Lacie Nezbeth said...

Ick! That sounds like a rough week! Time to sing some Annie! "The sun'll come out tomorrow..." Okay, I'll stop but I really do hope things turn around for you. :)

Judy said...

Praying for you and your family that God will supply your every need moneywise. We serve an awesome God and we have had prayers answered right and left after my husband lost his job of 19 1/2 years in October of 2011. He was the only wage earner in the family and we were left with no unemployment benefits and in shock! Are you familar with the song God will make a way where there seems to be no way? Well, trust and have faith in those words!

Praying that Little Miss gets better and that you all will get some much needed sleep and rest. If I lived near you I'd come over and do up your dishes!!

God Bless!

Sweet said...

hi betsy! you got this, the LORD will get you (and us too) through "THOSE" days..

Julie Rydlund said...

My prayers are with you Betsy and also with Talia and her friend. Betsy, I believe that God has a plan for all of us we might just not know it at the time. Good luck with all your writing! God Bless.

Betsy St. Amant said...

Thanks friends :)