Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazy day

So today was a little hectic. I

got Little Miss up this morning and to the gym with me this time, where she proceeded to FREAK OUT when I tried to leave her in the playroom with the nursery worker. I'm talking, one hand clawing my hoodie, the other wrapped around my ponytail and NOT letting go. It was quite ugly. The sweet worker finally pried her off me and I made a quick escape to the treadmill, feeling horrible. But of course, two seconds later another worker found me in the locker room and said "she's already stopped crying and is doing sign language in the mirror."


She was in there an hour and had a great time and was all smiles when I picked her up, but geez louise I thought we were past that! lol Hopefully next time goes better. She hasn't spazzed at me leaving in forever. So strange!

I was the one who had to work out and should have been crying. lol

Speaking of crying, I have a fitness assessment on Thursday. dum dummm dummmmm. At least it will give me a good "before" reference, right? :)

How's your Monday? I mean Tuesday. Because really, today, it was all the same. And I didn't even mention the cake that took 3 hours to make (courtesy of Little Miss) and the hectic run to dance class with NO NAP for a certain 3 year old (yikes) and the tons of writing I have to do tonight before crashing...

The cake has fruit in it, so it's okay right? :)

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Sweet said...

hi betsy, i was at the gym too yesterday and yeah...tried my best to run more than a mile..just keep doing it, i think writing about your fitness goal is a good way to let your readers become your cheerleaders for this journey =)

Little Miss sees you getting busy about being healthy and she might just follow suit - which is a good thing, yeah? =)

have a fabulous day!