Saturday, January 21, 2012

Does this week ever end?

Seriously, the week just keeps going, even though it's finally Saturday night!

Still dealing with the being laid-off issue, the sick kid issue, the car in the shop issue, and as of Thursday evening, a rejected proposal issue. (Be encouraged, fellow writers. I've got one novel published via small press, six novels traditionally published with another releasing this Spring and STILL get rejections! You're normal ::grin::)

Little Miss is better, she quit running fever and was able to go to school Friday and seemed completely well, then this morning woke up with a bad cough and drip. Now we're rotating through the cough syrups and she's barking her head off. It's not been a fun day, though we did go see a Winnie the Pooh play that she enjoyed.

We also got bad news of a teen that passed away in our church who my husband knew somewhat through his volunteering in our youth group the other year, and it was very shocking to all. I can't name names or go into details but please lift up a prayer for the family and friends. God knows.

I do hate to complain because truly, I would very likely choose these issues over taking on someone else's problems. But I'm definitely ready for some mind-numbing recorded American Idol in a few, and maybe another Diet Coke!

The good news is, I know the car repair will be LESS THAN $1500, so ummm. Yay! And the rejected proposal actually prompted me to take it, revise it by like 95%, and rewrite an entirely new proposal including a six page synopsis in exactly 2.5 hours and turn right back over to my agent to resubmit. Wow! Yes I'm still mentally numb from that :)

On a serious note - I'm so grateful that Jesus is our rest when we're weary. Never forget that. No matter how frustrating things seem, how bad things are, how discouraged we get - His yoke is easy and His burden light. He is our strength when we are weak or when our checkbooks are in the red or our spirits sad. He is our comfort when we're hurting and our wisdom when we're confused about where to go next. We all go through rough times, some more serious than others, some seasons darker than others, but no form of heartache or suffering is new to this earth. You are NOT alone!

How is your week friend?

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Laura J said...

Love your positive attitude. My week has been TOO busy. I'm ready for spring break!