Monday, January 30, 2012

First days and other shenanigans...

Today's my first day at the gym!

Wish me luck. I'll be the one panting from an embarassingly slow pace on the treadmill.

I figure the most I'll do on the elliptical tomorrow is just glance at it from a nice, safe distance...maybe while holding a donut and a mocha. ;)

How's your Monday shaping up? Are you at the gym or holding the donut? (Hey, I'm with ya either way!) I'm actually still recovering from spending $388 at Wal-Mart last night. But hey, we're stocked up for a month or so, and I bought a bunch of stuff to cook a ton of dinners, including some new recipes like BBQ Cups and Hawaiian Pork Chops.

I won't get started on how I couldn't buy my Revlon powder/foundation compact because the only ones on the shelf were those that had been "finger tested" - yeah. Someone had opened several and taken a swipe to "test" the color. What nerve! Grrrr. So I will be looking rough at the gym! ha.

That donut is starting to sound beter and better! But I got this. Sigh. I think.


nylnestill said...

thanks for the giveaway!

Tonya said...

BBQ cups and hawaiin pork sound really good!!

I've exercised today :) and have some more to do tonight :( since I have a heart problem, I'm working with an exercise physio at my dr's. He has me break it up because I'll accomplish more and it's better for my heart.
He just took me to a new level and my legs are cursing me as well. You are not alone in that one!