Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Recovery

Is everyone still asleep from the turkey consumption? =)

I actually didn't eat that much yesterday, which in present tense was disappointing but today, a relief. We got to my grandma's yeseterday around 10:30 and I sampled one of her new recipes - a cookie made with real candy orange slices! So yummy! I had one good paper-plateful of lunch and a few Rice Krispie treats for dessert, and then was...done. Of course, Little Miss needing attention and help with her lunch and assistance with her past-my-nap-time grumpiness was a distraction from the potential calories as well!

I was really proud of her though. For a busy holiday with her schedule all thrown off and teething, she did great. After lunch I whisked her off to the guest bedroom where we laid down with blankie and Gigi and I sang her to sleep and dozed a little bit with her. Sweet memories! She's a big girl now and goes to bed for her naps and bedtime awake, so I never get to hold her while she sleeps anymore. So that was precious.

Hubby was on call all day, and had to leave twice for the hospital but at least he got to eat with the family and play with Little Miss outside for awhile at my grandma's house.

When we got home late afternoon, I took her for a long walk in her stroller, for my benefit as much as hers, and felt like maybe I'd evened things out. Dinner was two little slices of baked pizza as we didn't take any leftovers home, and a piece of chocolate while Hubby and I watched a movie together. Great holiday!

Hope yours was as nice as mine! Now its time to decorate the house for Christmas and most importantly - turn on the All Christmas Music, All The Time radio channel =)

PS - I tried to exercise this morning, but Little Miss thought something was wrong if I layed on the floor to do crunches, and would cry. lol If I sat up, she wanted to sit in my lap with me. Oh well, a few lingering Rice Krispies and chocolate won't kill me =)

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Georgiana said...

Maybe next year you'll get to devour 2 plates. And the next year 3!

Well....that's how it's worked for me anyway....