Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Check in...

Okay, to all my fellow author buds who attended the ACFW conference in Denver this past September, or even to those who didn't get to go but set goals for themselves, let's check in. What's new? Did you send the submissions that were requested? Did you send the email you swore you would send when you got home? Did you contact that new friend you met that you wanted to keep in touch with?

For me, I've been busy busy busy. Submissions are sent, friends are emailed, and I find myself still mulling over the lessons I learned there, especially Jim's class on marketing. He really stuck in my mind with his point of "being original, and being first". Did anyone take that class, and if so, are you implementing his ideas into your career yet?

And OH speaking of great information for writers, have you heard about this? Super cool idea by superb author Susan May Warren and respected agent Chip MacGregor, and I wish I had the money to go. If you do, don't miss it. I can guarantee the information will be invaluable...

The Masters Seminars

and this!

Marketing your Novel

Sometimes its easy to come home from conference, all fired up and passionate about writing, but let the fire fade as time passes and the real world seeps back in the cracks. Dirty diapers, dirty floors, and dirty dishes tend to steal our passion. Don't let what you learned at ACFW this past September get watered down this fast in the year! Keep the fire burning by keeping the information flowing.


Liz Johnson said...

Hey girl,
Thanks for checking in on this. It's so easy to let the opportunities pass because we have doubts about how ready our proposals are or if our manuscripts are ready for submission. The best thing I did for myself before conference this year was make sure that I had my proposals in shape before leaving. Then when my now agent requested them, it was a breeze to send them off to her as soon as I got home. :) Now I just have to buckle down and keep writing. Proposals are great, but finishing my third book is even better! :)

Glad to hear you've taken advantage of all the doors God opened for you. I can't wait to hear about your projects.

Georgiana said...

Wah! I didn't go (as you know) so my passion was already watered down. Sounds like you really made the most of every opportunity! That's great :D