Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to the real world...

So all that remains of Thanksgiving is the tight fit of our jeans and the stack of receipts in our purses from Black Friday theory, anyway. As I reported Friday, I sadly didn't overeat this year and skipped Black Friday shopping for the sake of preserving my sanity and my checkbook, but for many of you, that might be true. Were the sales worth the madness? Did you find some steals? Report in!

Today might be a little dreary for those returning to work after all the holiday fun. But keep in mind, Christmas is only four weeks away and we get to shop and eat all over again! =) Hang in there, guys!

I'm definitely feeling the Christmas spirit now that my house is clean and decorated, and my tree is up and taking command of the living room. Little Miss was confused at first as to why her Toy Corner is now Tree Corner but the fireplace hearth works just as well for a giant tub of toys. Thankfully, she adapts quickly =)

So far, she's still leaving the tree alone except for one ornament I keep catching her snatching from the tree and playing with on the kitchen floor - Hubby's firetruck ornament that lights up. It's pretty sweet so I can't get too upset. She pushes it around the floor and makes vroom-type noises. It's so cute! But, it does have a hook on the top, so it's not a good idea. I took it from her last night and heard myself say sternly "Firetrucks go on trees" which I'm sure was more confusing than anything else....LOL. Oh well.

Oh! Today is also November 30th, which I believe means the last day of the NANO writing goal. NANO'ers, report in. Did you meet your word count goal? Did you get close? Give us the details!


Georgiana said...

Great job getting all your decorating done this weekend! What a huge relief that must be.

No shopping for me! I avoid it as long as possible. However, this year I might turn into a point and clicker :D

Still pounding out the NANO count!!! This morning I wrote about 900 words before the kidlets woke up.

Krista Phillips said...

Got a few cool things day after Thanksgiving... didn't stuff myself TOO much but I am still full.

I did go back to work today and it royally stunk.. 4 weeks.. 4 weeks.. 4 weeks!!

Lori said...

I did shop black Friday this year! The first time in ages. :) As long as you stay away from Best Buy and Toys R Us it's not that bad.
Low Point: Mean checker at Old Navy who wouldn't look anyone in the eye (or crack a smile). She must not have been a morning person.
Highlight: Clerk at Journey's who was semi-flirting (but in an espresso-induced way, so it wasn't creepy.) Also, a man at Kohl's who randomly handed us a coupon that saved us $30! Sometimes people are awesome.

Christiana said...

I went out shopping for Black Friday! I didn't make any mega purchases, but I did get some good deals. I spent about $100, and saved nearly $200 from the sales.

Also, to keep me company while I stood in the long lines, I brought along "Return to Love!" It was the perfect size to fit in my purse and light enough that it didn't weigh me down. I didn't get to finish it because I met some lovely people in line and spent some time chatting with them, but it was definitely nice to have along. :o)