Sunday, June 29, 2008

Wanna know how to make God smile? =)

Here I am, 9 months pregnant. I had everything all planned out. I was going to start my maternity leave on July 14th. That's a Monday, so it would be a fresh start, easy for everyone to keep up with at my workplace. I get 12 weeks off work (woohoo!) so that would give me 2 days at home before we induced on July 16th. And since we're in the process of moving, I figured I could use those days productively but still be able to enjoy the majority of my time off with my daughter after she was born.

I. Had. A. Plan.

Just so you know, us Type A's love plans. We love lists, and organization, and charts, and spreadsheets. And we are usually a bit OCD. I'm the girl who straightens wall art when I walk into an office or a place of business if its not hanging correctly. I'm the girl who tucks in a stranger's shirt tag in an elevator or at the movie theater if its poking out. (not kidding!) I'm the girl who cleans up her dishes as she's cooking a meal, even to the point of usually having to use extra utensils because I toss them in the sink too soon. Most of my arguments with my hubby stem from us having a plan for the evening and him changing it last minute. Spontaneous, I am not.

So, I had a plan. Maternity leave, July 14th. Bring it on!

Well, last Wednesday I went to the doctor for my usual check-up. I had taken off work that day because I wasn't feeling well and my feet were pretty swollen, so I figured my doc would advise me to lay off the salt or soak my feet that evening.


He strolls into the room, checking out my chart, and says "So, you're not going back to work."

"Excuse me?"

"You're done at work. You're on bedrest."

"I'm sorry, I thought you said something. What?"

That was the extent of our convo until reality sunk in with nasty little unorganized claws. I had protein in my sample, elevated blood pressure, and apparently my swollen feet weren't as minor as I thought.

My plans went out the window. I was starting my maternity leave over 2 weeks earlier than I expected. Bed rest? I had visions, none of them pretty - most of them involving me laying in bed those last few weeks gaining another 40 lbs before delivery. I broke out in nervous sweats and turned all blotchy red - which I'm sure did great things for my blood pressure.

Then, bless him, my doctor clarified. "Mild bed rest. You can still go to church, and your baby shower, and your hubby's graduation. Just no house cleaning, work, shopping trips, exercise, etc. Nothing that will keep you on your feet an extended period of time. Just take it easy."

When I heard the "no house cleaning" part, I perked up a little. I can handle that! Then I realized that if I didn't do it, it probably wouldn't get done. Just another downside to being a Type A and married to a hubby who most definitely is not.

But I was proud of myself. I kept breathing, I returned to my natural shade of pasty-white, I thanked my doctor, promised I'd behave and would see him on Monday and took my apt. slip up to the receptionist to check out.

Between the office and the car, I thought of a perk to the whole quitting work early thing (besides shocking my coworkers! ha.) Writing time! I have full permission to park it in bed for the next week or two and really concentrate on my revisions for my editor. I found a few more perks over the next day or two, and things are looking up. I'm taking it one day at a time (with my feet propped up, don't worry) and have actually had a nice long weekend. Plus, I discovered a secret. I know how to make God smile!

Just make a plan. =)


Erica Vetsch said...

Ah, Betsy, take care of yourself and that little girl. Yesterday my baby girl turned 16. I had toxemia with her as well. The good thing about bed-rest is, two weeks before delivery, what you really need and want most in the world is a nap. :)

Cortni Marrazzo said...

Ha! I'm the same way. It takes a lot to get me to finally rest and then I worry about all the stuff that is not getting done- which makes it hard to find time for writing! :) Sometimes God has to force us to rest!

Eileen Astels Watson said...

I'm praying for you and your little one, Betsy. Here's to lots of writing and maybe if you're lucky the baby will arrive a week or so early so you'll still have a good break home with her.

I'm thinking twelve weeks just isn't enough. Here, in Ontario, we get a full year of maternity leave. Guess we have it good, after all!