Monday, April 07, 2008

Too much of a good thing?

Tonight was my first childbirth preparation class. Hubby and I signed up for the continuing class that meets three Monday nights in a row from 6:00 - 8:30. Its at the hospital and is supposed to help mothers-to-be relax by taking away the fear of the unknown.

Oh somebody, please bring back the unknown!!!
It really wasn't that bad. But wow, talk about information overload! All of which I am glad to know... I'm a Type A personality to the extreme, and being prepared really does help me handle things better. (which is why the Lord probably gets frustrated with me at times for not handling the "step by step" faith walk very well. lol)

We covered the changes in the pregnant body (which is like duh, almost 25 weeks now, think I figured that out!) as well as all the expected/normal side effects like heartburn, swelling, moodiness, etc. Think PMS on a power trip. (Hubby actually had the audacity to nudge me in the side at that point of the lesson, and I think he's still rubbing his arm from my return pinch) We covered breathing techniques, which actually seemed very helpful (we learned which ones to breathe before and after contractions, and which ones to breathe during). We learned other methods of relaxation such as meditation cds, music, massage, aroma therapy, focal points, etc. to practice along with the breathing. I wonder if this stuff makes ANY difference in the delivery room or not. Maybe if you actually remember to do it? lol

Oh, but the powerpoint presentation clip art pictures were worth it. A dancing cartoon heart (the organ, not the shape) wearing a frown, with fire pouring from its "head" to symbolize heartburn. Like we need a picture??? And a cartoon smiling rose that was supposed to be what we're to "imagine" during the contraction process as we picture our....birthing organs...."open". (I just can't make myself type the anatomy here on my blog, for the sake of my poor male readers!! lol) Thankfully, our instructor realized how ridiculous the whole rose concept was and told us to imagine our own serene scene, like a beach. That works SO much better for me. I'll pretend I'm back in Cozumel. No roses allowed.

Anyway, then the spouses got to go over their support role in the process, such as helping eliminate stress from the labor room (in other words, kicking out the annoying but well meaning family members! haha) keeping the "to call" list of people updated, and basically doing whatever the preggo wife needs/wants/demands. I liked that part of the class....

They even fed us a light dinner! Can't beat that. It was also fun when the instructor couldn't believe I was in my 6th month of pregnancy. Thought I was too small! God bless her. That made the price of the class worth it right there =P

All in all, it was an experience, and a pretty good one. I feel much more prepared, though I am definitely ready to think about other things for a while! Oy, can't wait to see what my dreams are tonight...!! Still have two more classes to go, and I'm taking the Newborn Care class in May. That one is supposedly things like "when to call to the doctor" (or in other words, "when to panic") and learning basic care. I figure it can't hurt! Knowledge is power! But ignorance is bliss.... sigh.


Georgiana said...

A flower?! You've GOT to be kidding me. There's just no way. Cactus, maybe. OK OK, jk. Glad you had a good time and dinner included =)

Erica Vetsch said...

G- I was thinking the same thing! lol

Betsy, thanks for taking us through this wonderful experience with you.

Luann said... were your dreams last night??? lol

Lori said...

LOL! I can just see it! Have you ever seen Home Fries with Luke Wilson? Remember the Lamaze class?

"Tell her to relax her jaw!"

Catherine West said...

Ok, these things are all good, but let me tell ya, you're not going to remember anything from these classes. All you will be thinking is GET THIS KID OUT OF ME NOW!!!!
And then it's all over and you don't remember any of it, all you can think of is how wonderful and beautiful your little girl is. And you have the faint inclining that you should never ever let your husband near you again...not for a very long time.