Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiger Tails & Tall Tales

Last night, my husband and I went furniture shopping for our new house (that hopefully we will be moving into in late May!) We found our living room set and our bedroom set for a great deal.

While wandering around the showroom with our saleswoman, Sheri, my husband (of course) has to joke around and make her laugh. He kept up steady comments such as "so is this double-your-down-payment day?" or "Hey, you got any 50% off coupons in the back?" or 'You know if we buy a mattress from you, you have to throw in a stuffed Serta sheep!" etc. He was cracking up both Sheri and the girl trying to handle our financing paperwork and in general, just being pleasantly obnoxious, if there is such a thing. (there must be, because he's got it mastered! lol)

While sitting and waiting for our credit check to run through, my husband turns and sees this really nice LSU Tigers lamp on a desk beside him. He immediately freaks out because he loves LSU. Quite the fan, my hubby. And it was a nice lamp.... He finds the price tag and winces. "Not that nice." ($400) The girl running our credit laughs and shakes her head and my husband says "So is it Free Lamp Day?" and at that point, our saleswoman Sheri throws down her pen and says "You know what? It is! But only because you look like my son." HAHA!

So sure enough, we got the LSU lamp free and also got to take it home right then and there. My husband was giddy. For anyone who has seen the old movie The Christmas Story (it usually plays on cable for 24 hours straight on Christmas Eve!) just think of the father and the leg lamp and you'll understand. It was just like that. (thankfully, without the leg part!)

Who would have thought that constant playful pestering would have actually worked??? Sigh. Now there'll be no living with him!


Georgiana said...

This is so funny. Even though I've never met your husband, I feel like I know him!

Texaswriter said...

Does BJ really live by these words: "Ask and ye shall receive?"
What a great story!!

Victoria Thomas Poller said...

Hii Betsy,

My question is: "Where in your new home, will you put this new lamp?" ...You have not because you ask not. Sometimes all we have to do is, Just Ask.

Ms. "V"