Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Fun Read, One Super Fun Giveaway...!

Okay, no drumroll necessary, but you really should read this book with a box of chocolate and a big ol' Diet Coke. (oh wait, that's my reading fantasy - get your own!!)

Seriously, this was one super fun read by Christa Ann Banister and since I happen to have an extra copy (long story!) I'm giving one away to spread the joy. If I didn't have the extra copy, this blog post wouldn't exist because I'm pregnant and feeling a little selfish, and this book was GOOD - I don't wanna give it up!! haha. So, be grateful I have an extra. It's your lucky day, readers! =)

Leave a comment to this blog post to be entered in the drawing. Here's the catch - in honor of the story, you have to mention your dream place to travel OR highlight your worst dating experience ever. I'll let you choose - but you have to share one of the two! =)

Here's the back cover blurb:

Sydney Alexander is a travel writer. She's a very well-dressed travel writer--hasn't yet met a shoe or clearance sale she could pass up. She's funny. She's got a great relationship with her sis. She's got a hilarious best friend, Rain, who happens to be a hippie. And she's got a wonderful relationship with God. So what's missing?

A decent date. A date where she doesn't have to pay because he's "between jobs." A date where she's not fabulously fashionably ready to go only to learn "the band just got a last-minute gig" and he has to cancel. A date she wants to kiss good night--not run screaming from.

Bridget Jones may have had a few more public disasters (Sydney works in print, not on the telly) and considerably more cigarettes (Sydney doesn't smoke), but really, besides that, their lives aren't so different. She's just a girl looking for love, drowning in a sea of cute couples--and determined to keep swimming!

Okay, so what are you waiting for?
Sign up for the contest now!
* Drawing will be held Wednesday, April 23rd! *


Audra Elizabeth said...

Oooo! Sounds good! :)

My dream vacation - a week in a sunny Cumberland Gap, TN or a quiet beach community to write in! :)

Georgiana said...

My dream vacation is back to the Caribbean! Enter me too =)

RebornButterfly said...

Oh thank you!

My dream vacation... a week in yellowstone national park! I love it there :)


Carol Van Rooy said...

My dream place to travel... anywhere above the clouds which I intend to fulfil when I sky dive in a little better than a months time.

Thanx for the great post giveaway.

Feel free to pop by and say hello.

Brenda Nixon said...

Woo hoo, I'd love to win a copy of this book. You make is sound so fascinating and "gotta have!"
~ your shoutlife "friend,"

Brenda Nixon said...

Oops, got so excited I forgot to leave my dream vacation -- it's on a small island in the Outer Banks. I would mention the name of the place, but then everyone would want to go there and it'd become popular and populated. Right now, there are only 800 year-round residents.

Blissful said...

I would like to go to Israel one day!

southernsassygirl said...

Worst dating experience ever would have to be my one and only date with a guy that would not stop talking during the movie!!! Not only that, but when we ate dinner at the restaurant, he kept flashing all his money around all over the place and bragged, bragged, bragged about it all night long!!!!! Just horrible!

Terri Tiffany said...

The book sounds great! Okay--my worst dating experience. My best friend in college set me up on a blind date.(I guess I was desparate.) I quickly wished I had been blind! I spent the whole evening hanging out in the bathroom and shooting looks that could kill to my friend who sat across from me at the table with the cutest date ever. It was my first and last blind date.

Sasobi Uchiha ~ Puppet Mistress said...

My dream vacation - A trip to Europe for a week, then down to Japan for another week. ^^ Preferrably with a friend or two. :P

Whee, I'm being entered now. XD

MissBookworm said...

I've been wanting to read this..please enter me!! My dream vacation is a week camping in the mountains of fun!!

ladystorm said...

Hey Betsy!

Would love this book! :)

ladystorm282001 at yahoo dot com

ForstRose said...

Please enter me in the drawing. The book sounds like a fun read. my dream vacation would be visiting Art Museums across Europe or a tropical island where I could read all day and fall asleep to the sound of waves.


Author Anastasia Cassella-Young said...

My worst date ever: Johnny and I had been dating a few weeks. We went out to have a dance or two. We had a few too many and Johnny didn't want to go home to his "mommy" this way so he asked to spend the night. He was put on the couch. When I woke up in the couch cushions lay on the floor with huge burn holes in them. Johnny's leather jacket also lay there with huge burn holes in it. Johnny lay there with minor burns on his chest and hands. He had fallen asleep with a cigarette and destroyed my couch. The house was full of smoke and the windows were all wide open. I had closed my bedroom door and hadn't heard a thing. Needless to say Johnny bought me a new couch and we stopped seeing each other.

Kim said...

What a fun giveaway! My dream vacation would be traveling through the vineyards in Italy. I love the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" and every time I watch it, I want to go and relax with a glass of Merlot and a good book! :)

Bev (froggieb) said...

My dream place to travel is Alaska. My hubby and I hope to someday take a cruise there. Won't make it on our 25th anniversary but there are so many more to come for us.

Keisha-Michelle said...

My dream vacation includes two places. I want to go away for a month. During that month, I would spend one week in London, just seeing the sights, but then the other three weeks would definitely be spent in Italy. I want to see everything there. Tasting the food, seeing all the architecture, taking gondola rides. I am so in love with that city.

If I win the drawing, I can take the book with me to my Italian paradise!

Texaswriter said...

Worst date experience: My senior prom in high school! We went with a group -- probably five couples. Well, during the night, my date, and the date of a friend (Mike) of mine wound up getting together! You could almost literally see the sparks between Kim (Mike's date), and my date (Richard!). It was pretty humiliating. I'm so glad God had a plan! :)

Victoria Thomas Poller said...

Hi Betsy,

Am I on time for the contest? My dream vacation was to the Bahama's with my husband. Come to my page and share some of my pics.


Sara said...

Hmm dream vacation one of them would be an alaskan cruise so I can see the northern lights