Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random update

A little excited today (and no, not because I got new shoes. I haven't yet, and it's truly sad) ;)'s because...

I'm going to my first Miranda Lambert concert tonight! Woohoo!

I've always loved her, since I first saw her singing on her debut "Me and Charlie Talking" video many moons ago. She's really developed her style since then, and while I don't carry the nearly the grudges (wink) as she does, (jk) I really enjoy her music. And like watching Blake on "The Voice" (her husband) and think they're really an entertaining couple. They seem so real, and while they aren't necessarily role models in a lot of ways, I admire their commitment to each other in today's crazy celebrity culture. Cue hearts and arrows here...

I also am friends with a girl who graduated high school with Miranda in East Texas, so that's pretty fun. She says Miranda appears to be the same way she's always been, which is also refreshing in today's Land 'O Celebrities.

Do you like Miranda? Ever seen her live? I'm polishing my boots! :)

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