Saturday, April 13, 2013

Debating...need opinions!

So I'm debating deleting this blog.

I hesitate, because this is where I post book reviews, and I can't stop doing that or else I wouldn't get free books anymore ;)

But my heart is over at now, and I feel like I need to focus there. Plus my group blogging once a week at and twice a month at  PLUS my monthly column for Nicole O'Dell's Choose Now ministry, PLUS my once a month (on average) articles for   - something's gotta give. lol  

And uh yeah I didn't even mention these things I also do like raise a child practically alone, work full time, freelance, and write books ;)  Suddenly this blog doesn't seem like much of a give-up!! snort. Hmmmm.

I feel like this blog has become random and filler and I hate to get rid of it, since I have the most followers here and its on my business cards and such. But I hardly ever get comments anymore, and I don't think I'm offering anything substantial here anyway, so I don't blame you.

It's hard to let go.

What do you guys think? (the few of you actually reading this! LOL!)  Will you join me at and come there regularly instead? For those already familiar with the heart of that blog, do you think posting book reviews there sometimes would be...offensive? Like, taking away from the heart of the blog? I don't want to do that.

Help! I just know I can't keep spreading myself so thin or I might disappear altogether.


Tonya said...

No, I don't think it'd be offensive. You're a writer getting real and reading is part of your reality! I think being able to manage your time effectively and be the happiest you can with everything going on is more important. I totally understand the struggle, a good blog takes more time then people realize. If you focus your time on writer gets real it will grow, I believe.,

Anne said...

I think you should do what makes you happy! I personally like both blogs' existences :) (even though I'm not the best at commenting - sorry!!). I feel like this is your fun stuff blog and the other one is your serious one. Do you like keeping both? You don't need to go straight to destruction, you know - you can take a time out on either blog whenever you feel like it. You're the boss, lady! And we heart you whatever you do :)

Laura Jackson said...

If I can speak freely (you can always just not approve this comment, lol), I think you've been going through a difficult season, and God's using that to minister to people through your new blog. That's where your heart is, and God's using your struggle for His Glory.

I have to admit, sometimes (okay, often) I like reading fluff--seeing a book review, reading about your new writing project, hearing about your family, talking about shoes and cupcakes. I think that's okay to put on your other blog because God does balance out our winters with springs.

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

Why not just cut back on here? Maybe only once a week or only when you have book reviews?

Ashley said...

You really are busy, aren't you? Lol. I would say to go with whatever your heart's leaning more toward. I mean, a lot of your posts on this blog simply refer your readers to writersgetreal or the scribblechicks anyway, so why not just go ahead and let us go there? Maybe instead of completely deleting it right now, you could make a final post informing everyone that you've moved. Then, after a reasonable amount of time you can delete it for good. :)
No one likes "filler posts." Readers feel shortchanged and writers feel like they're wasting time. Lol.

cjoy said...

In all honestly, my first thought was, "Can't she post book reviews on the other one?" (I think you can. Just be your real self in your review - show your heart in what you say!)

Second....on here I usually just find links to the other postings....instead, don't delete, but maybe put a permanent "Moved" noticed with a link to the other blog. Interested readers can and will find you with no effort beyond a click.

My 2 cents worth, anyhow. ;D

Betsy St. Amant said...

Aww thanks guys! I feel loved :)

I'll keep praying about this. Thanks so much for the input!!