Monday, December 03, 2012

Modge Podge palooza

So I recently got into Modge Podge (a clear, sealant type of glue that is awesome for craft projects!) and have been making Christmas gifts like Martha Stewart fresh out of prison. Oh wait. ;)  That's probably not funny. But it made me snort.


Do you make Christmas gifts? Or do you purchase everything? Or do you do a little of both? What do you make, if so? I'd love more ideas, not that I have time (or talent) to do them. My modge podge projects are doing pretty well and I'm still holding my breath every time I start painting that glue. Crafty, I am not. But I've been impressed at how fun and easy it is! :)

Have you ever modge podged? (I especially love that its a verb now. hehe)

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