Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making a list...checking it...three times? Four?

What's on your Christmas list? How many people do you buy for each year? How do you draw the line in where to stop? Do you set budgets for each person on your list?

It seems each year the list gets longer and longer, and therefore demands more and more money - but I've discovered homemade gifts go a long way toward friend-gift-exchanges. I did a bunch of modge podge crafts this year and had SO much fun doing it! I'll post some pics after Christmas when it won't be a spoiled surprise ;)    It's fun to make and so personalized - perfect for a friend you care deeply about but can't drop another $10-40 bucks on this season.

I'm down to needing to purchase ONE more gift card, and then - I'm officially done shopping. YAY!!!

Now to wrap...

(not to be confused with rap. ha)

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Sierra said...

Ugh...I hate you! I haven't gotten a single present yet and I'm starting to freak :P I do a lot of homemade stuff too, it's fun and easy :) Usually jewelry and earrings and such. And luckily I only have a couple friends and my immediate family to get presents for, maybe I'll actually survive :P Sierra
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