Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shocked beyond belief

We've all heard the phrase "shocked beyond belief". I've always appreciated the phrase, after all, it's catchy. Powerful. Sounds good on your lips. But I've never understood it.

Until Sunday.

Sunday, I was for the first time, actually, truly, literally shocked beyond belief. As in, I did not believe the words the other person told me. They didn't make sense. They didn't match up with anything I knew in my world. I. Could. Not. Believe. It. They might as well have said "smarhafloogen". Or "gypsy cloud pyramid with sprinkles on top".

That's how much sense it made at the time.

Unfortunately, I can't share the details of the incident. But I still wanted to blog about it for both release and to commiserate with others who have been in that terribly awkward, uncomfortable, maybe even dire, situation of being shocked beyond belief.

Have you ever been? And if so, can you share the details? I understand if not. Trust me! Thankfully, my situation resolved and no one was harmed or injured or anything permanent in that regard. Thank God for His mercy.  But for one very, very long day, I was truly shocked beyond belief.

I'm thinking that'd make a great book title ;)

I do know that I will never use that phrase loosely again! And if you've even been in that situation, that hopeless feeling of "wow. I don't get this. This doesn't make sense in my world" - I'm sorry. And I hope you have the happy(er) ending that we did.

Thankfully we know know and can rest in the truth that God is never shocked. He didn't bat an eyelash (does God have eyelashes?) at what knocked my world off center for 24 hours. He knew it was coming and knew the results and knew what to do along the way. Not an ounce of anxiety from Heaven.

I didn't have a clue, though, hence the 1.5 lbs lost in one day and an entire box of Kleenex used up - but He knew. And I trusted that, and still do in the aftermath.

Please trust the One that we can never surprise. God's got this, friend. Just let Him know you trust Him and He'll see it through.

And who knows, you might even laugh over it one day :)

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