Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! (a day late) Oops. Hey, dads do a lot - they can be celebrated a few days in a row, right? ;)

What did everyone do to celebrate?

My husband had to work the fire station (what a hero!) but we celebrated the night before by going to dinner with all my family at a yummy place called The Real Pickle. Then on the actual day, we took him a few surprises at work including a lemon pudding whip cream pie.

(yes, part of my motivation was to make the pie, eat ONE piece, and get it OUT of the house. lol)

What makes the dad in your life special? I have the best daddy in the world, and I think one of his many fabulous attributes is simply his consistency. I never have to wonder if he's going to be there for me. What a blessing.

He also rarely complains. Has a heart for Christ. Is faithful to his family and his church. Unbelievably patient. He's a hard worker, has a sensitive spirit. "Still waters run deep". That's my daddy :)  Plus he has a knack for telling the most horrible pun-type jokes. hehehe.

My husband is a jewel of a dad to our Little Miss. He's adventureous with her where I'm careful, disciplines when I look the other way, and runs her ragged playing chase and other crazy throw-her-around games in the house while I'm hovering nearby with a pillow to catch her. hahaha. We rock a balance ;)   He's also fun, strong, solid, and dependable, and the best part is, even at the age of 3 she KNOWS he loves her unconditionally. What a gift :)

Happy Father's Day, dads!!

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