Monday, November 07, 2011

I'll be the one in the weighters...

Everyone has That Closet.

You know the one, in the guest room or the back office in your house that is the stash-all, catch-all place. The closet that you're afraid to open for fear of avalanche. The closet that makes you wonder why you even have the stuff thats in it, because obviously you're not using it, i.e. not missing it.

Tuesday is closet day.

My husband and I have literally been putting this off a year, but if I want to decorate my house for Christmas, well, we're going to have to dive in so I can salvage the decorations and get some order put back in that guest room as a whole. We have a storage problem, because while we have a large house, it's manufactured so we no attic, and no basement. Hence...The Closet.

I refuse to do the chore alone for multiple reasons, the least important being I don't think I physically can because of the heavy boxes inside, and the most important reason being I'm afraid of what might come crawling OUT of the closet. Shudder.

So if you stop by Tuesday and I answer the door carrying a flyswatter and wearing my husband's fishing weighters,well. Don't be surprised.

Someone, please, please tell me you have such a closet too? :)

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Sarah Varland said...

Good luck! Hoping for no creepy bugs or anything...

We totally have a closet. I finally attacked it last week because, well, it was full of stuff from when we moved. Which was really too long ago. Now it's in the attic, which I could not live without.

But I still have a junk drawer. I don't trust anyone who doesn't have at least one area of their house (even if its just a drawer) that's in utter chaos. It's not healthy. =)