Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I couldn't resist...

Shoe Personality Test

(I mean really. Why not? Besides, I have a pair of dress sandals and a pair brown boots shipping my way as we speak, so...seemed timely ::wink::)


My results:

Big Black Boots

hehehehe. Fitting, though the description wasn't totally accurate. I do love my knee high black boots though and actually wore them today :)

What'd you get?


Little Buttercup Baby said...

That was a fun quiz :) I got "sneakers" which is pretty true being that I chase around two kids all day long. Heels wouldn't really work for me. haha

Carissa said...

I got sneakers as well, which is actually true for me being a college student I try to be as comfortable as possible. Plus it's hard to run to class in anything other than sneakers

Talia said...

I got bare feet