Friday, November 11, 2011

Help - before I gain 10 lbs...

Sorry I vanished!

Yesterday we made an impromptu trip to Dallas to pick up my husband's motorcycle. Yes, I am now a motorcycle mama. At least in the sense that I'm married to someone who has one. That's about as far as it goes for me right now, as I'm still trying to get the incessant mantra of "motorcycles aren't safe motorcyclesaren'tsafemotorcyclesaren'tsafe" out of my head :)

Sigh. I'm happy for him, he's happy, woohoo! But...shut up, mantra.

Any suggestions? lol So far I've mastered the distraction technique, which involved redoing my daughter's bathroom, buying leopard print heels and popping Godiva chocolate like medicine.

PS - never driving on 635 in Dallas alone, again, or really at all, ever. For any reason. I'm still one big stress ball. There's a reason I've made it 27 years without doing so. I shouldn't do it. At all. Ever.

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Becky said...

Hmm....I've only been on 635 a few times, but I've never had any incidents. I think a lot of drivers in Dallas in general can be unsafe/in such a hurry/ scary (notice, I didn't say Dallas drivers...haha, don't want to offend anyone!). As for motorcycles, off-roading/dirt biking is as far as we go...I've seen too many accidents that didn't end well. =/ The best thing you can do is pray & read Psalm 91 over your husband! Turn your "fear" into faith action.

I know people who create a "caravan" with their cars around their husbands on the motorcycles. LOL