Friday, September 02, 2011

Proposals and one-sheets and suitcases, oh my!

The 2011 ACFW Conference in St. Louis is in 3 weeks. Actually, 2 weeks and 6 days, but if I say it that way, I start getting tunnel vision and my breath starts catching and my stomach cramps.

Not quite that bad, but close. So much to do before I leave! As always, everything is coming due at once, which is fun and exciting and coffee-inducing.

In the next 3 weeks (let me have my denial, please) I'm going to be working part time at my title company job as usual, have 2 newspaper article deadlines for my freelance gigs (one being the biggest article I've ever written for them - 3500 words), the galley to read-through for my final look at Addison Blakely, Confessions of a PK before it goes to the printers (YAY!), a series proposal to finish tweaking and get to my agent, 2 different one-sheets to prepare to pitch two different books at conference, a list of 75 names and addresses to prepare for my marketing guru at Barbour, a YA proposal to finish writing and submit to my agent, a blog post to prepare on a presitigious romance blog to promote FIREMAN DAD, and crits to do for friends/clients.

And oh yeah, a house to keep clean, a toddler to keep fed, and suitcases to pack...not to mention this week we've got preschool and AWANA and dance class for the Little Miss...

Ok. Maybe making a list wasn't such a great idea! Yikes! Where's the coffee??

Thankfully I'm feeling confident about it all, despite my few moments of panic, (they go away with each swig of the Diet Coke) because hey, it's all good! Literally, all of the above are great things to accomplish and I'm sooo not complaining. This is what I want! Just venting. And maybe seeking new coffee blend ideas...

What about you? Are you going to conference? What do you have to prepare? And if you aren't, will you come help me? ;)

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