Tuesday, September 13, 2011

And a ONE and a...

I just printed my one-sheets for the conference, for the two books I plan on pitching while there. (a YA, and a romance series). I've had printer trouble lately so its a relief to see my one-sheets lying on my desk now, in full color and properly aligned and with no ink smears. Whew!

Have you ever made a one-sheet? Do you even know what they are? They're useful for conferences (though typically not part of an official proposal) because it basically visually shows the editor/agent you're pitching to a glimpse of your story in full.

My one sheet consists of two pictures representing the book (you can find these at photostock websites, etc.) and a catchy title, Bible verse, and 3-4 paragraph description of the novel. Then in the middle, I have the stats. How long the book is, whether it's completed, the take-away value, or why I wrote the book, etc. And at the bottom is my author photo, agent contact info and bio of my writing history.

Basically, it's a one-page proposal ;)

While sometimes preparing proposals can be intimidating and exhausting, one-sheets are fun for me because I get to be creative and play around with pictures, trying to figure out how to best represent my book.

What's on your one sheet?

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