Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smells like writing...

At the NOLA STARS writer's conference I attended last March in Shreveport, I met a fantastic young mom/aspiring author who was attending her first conference ever! How brave! :)

We got to be friends and she ended up also attending the next local conference I spoke at, a one-day event at a local church in Benton, Louisiana.

Of course I ended up telling her about the larger scale conferences such as RWA and ACFW, and of course, now she wants to go! :)

And you know what? You can help this young, single income military mommy get there by purchasing one (or ten! ::wink::) of her yummy smelling fundraiser candles!

Here's the info:

Genelle’s Fundraiser Candles

16 oz for 23.00

1.) Apple Cinnamon
Ripe apples sprinkled with cinnamon gives this candle its charm - perfect for any time of the year!

2.) Caramel Pear
This delectable candle incorporates top notes of fresh juicy pear infused with bottom notes of sweet creamy caramel. This candle is sure to make your mouth water!

3.) Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper
A zingy, zesty, orange-eeee smell that you will never forget! It rose to the top as one of our most popular fragrances immediately! Get one today and see for yourself!

4.) Japanese Pear
The exotic fragrance of Japanese Pear has an Oriental mystique with a nice fruity smell that is perfect for a romantic or sensual setting.

5.) Juniper Breeze
A fresh clean scent with a balance of floral , hints of green and a slight musky undertone.

6.) Lemon Verbena
A wonderful, pleasing and powerful fragrance, your entire home will quickly fill with this clean-smelling candle

To purchase, email Genelle at

Thanks for helping!

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