Thursday, April 21, 2011

Because we all have those days...

I love the Snoopy as an author cartoons. Especially the "dark and stormy night" ones! But this one is probably too familiar to a lot of us, and since outside my window right now, it really is dark and stormy, I thought in honor of Snoopy, we'd have a little encouragement session!

So who today is discouraged in their writing journey? Who needs to whine and vent? This is a safe place to receive feedback and encouragement.

So let it out, published and non published alike! Did you get a rejection letter? Did you get a bad review? Did your editor give you back your contracted manuscript with so many revisions you don't even know if its the same book? Did you receive negative feedback from a critique partner that has left you confused?

You're not alone. We've all been there in some form, multiple times - even Snoopy! :)

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Anne said...

I would like to vent that the stresses of life keep me from getting space in my head to write - especially when I'm already facing a block. Thanks for the encouraging on my blog BTW! I should thank YOU for the smile hehe.