Thursday, September 02, 2010

A new chapter...

We all survived the eye appointment yesterday and the verdict is in...

Glasses for 3 months, possibly longer. We will go back in December and see if the glasses have corrected or helped her eye issue, then talk options from that point if not - including surgery. Little Miss has a crossing in her left eye that has made her farsighted.

I'm emotional about it, of course, because we all want our kids to be as perfect on the outside as we feel they are inside. But I know it's not really THAT big of a deal. I just hope she adjusts quickly and its not an ongoing battle for her to wear them!

She is getting her new pink frames today :) Prayers for a quick adjustment are so gratefully appreciated, as well as for the future that when we go in December, it will be corrected and that's the end of it. The doctor and the lady at the glasses store said typically with kids Little Miss' age, they adjust quickly to the change because they realize how much better they can see their toys and cartoons, etc. and its not that big of a battle after the intial shock. Hopefully that will be true.

My dad told me I'm a good mom for noticing the issue, and taking care of it despite the uncertainty and inconvenience of it all and not ignoring it. That's a nice thought - the only thing that kept me from crying all day long, really! It was an exhausting day in the waiting room and beyond, but we hung in there, and Little Miss was a champ until the last 45 minutes or so after that second dilation. Then she got grumpy and there was NOOOO distracting her. She actually had the entire waiting room laughing because of her grumpy antics. (crossed arms, sulky posture, whining, etc.) She's a drama queen to be sure. I guess we are good for entertainment if nothing else... =)


Ruth said...

awww she looks so cute in those glasses... little miss certainly is in my prayer list! Have a great weekend!!

jenness said...

She looks cute. :-) Glad it's going okay so far!