Monday, September 20, 2010

Beach Shenanigans

As you know, I was on vacay for part of last week, hence the sporadic blogging. My husband had to work at his temporary job, unfortunately, but my Little Miss and I traveled to Gulf Shores, AL with my parents and shared a condo, some sunshine and a ton of seafood! It was a super cheap trip, which was why I could do that and not the ACFW conference, unfortunately.
I'm happy to report no one got sunburned. I kept Little Miss slathered up and she thankfully wanted to wear her sunglasses and beach hat 24/7 outside. Whew! It was a great trip. Lots of family time and laughs, lots of good food and shopping, and plenty of fun. I wouldn't say it was relaxing - I came home and told my husband I felt like I had more of a change of a scenery than a vacation - its just not possible with a 2 yr old! But Little Miss was SO well behaved and was a champ on the 9 hour drive there and the 10 hour drive back. (how did that happen? Still confused.) I was very proud of her.

She liked the sand, as you can see from the pics, but not so much the ocean. Too scary. I don't blame her, and was a little grateful since there were a ton of crabs and jellyfish in the breakers.

Little Miss and I had some super sweet moments, as we shared a room together. I'm one of those moms who has had a strict rule from the beginning of her life about no co-sleeping. Its dangerous - my husband as a fireman and EMT has been on the other side of a parent waking up having smothered their baby - and I also didn't want to start any bad habits. Little Miss has always loved her bed and I hope to keep it that way. But vacations are meant to break the rules, and it was a two bedroom so we didn't have a choice. Thankfully, she adjusted to the change great, and came home and happily slept in her own crib again with no protests. Whew. It was so sweet though, sleeping next to her and hearing "mama, I need a little kiss" in the middle of the night or her blindly tapping my face in the dark to make sure I was still beside her. She's my snuggle bear! =)

Favorite moments:

Helping my dad catch a crab in a bucket and Little Miss's excited reaction...

My mom running away in a panic from the seagulls my dad threw a cheezit at for that very purpose...
Eating at Lulu's - amazing food, live band, outdoor patio with a breeze from the water...
Eskimo kisses in the middle of the night with my baby girl.

Here's some pics (only a few. I took about 8568590940584 as you can imagine. Hard not to, with the 2 yr old cute factor!)

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Georgiana said...

Amazing pictures! Looks like you had some well deserved R&R :D