Tuesday, September 07, 2010

My sweet little four eyes...

I always thought the term four-eyes for someone with glasses was super offensive, even though I didn't wear any myself. And it probably is to a lot of people still. But now that Little Miss has them, it actually seems cute. I joined a facebook community for mothers of babies/toddlers/kids with glasses, its like a support group of sorts, and the creator named the group Little Four Eyes!! :)

My Little Miss has handled this transition shockingly well. I'm so grateful to God for the easy transition and so proud of her. I guess I've told her that too much because the other day she climbed in my lap and said "Mama, I so proud of you!" hehehe.

The first few days (she got them Thursday at noon) she was wearing them most of the day but needed "breaks" as we called them and would rub her eyes a lot. But she's been wearing them since Saturday now with zero or MAYBE one break a day, and they are no longer leaving little indentions on her nose from the nose piece. Yay.

Sunday was when I knew we were "golden". I wasn't going to make her wear her glasses until time to get dressed for church. We were sitting in the chair eating breakfast and watching a cartoon together and she suddenly said "Mama, I NEED my glasses." I said "aww, baby, ok I'll get them." She said "yeah, so I see better." Broke my heart! So precious! I put them on her and she smiled sweetly and said "thanks, mama."
Thanks for the prayers and concern for me and Little Miss. She's doing great and I can't wait to take beach pics with her next week. My little four eyes in the sand =) hehe.

(yes that is candy corn on the piano. I've taught her well)


Georgiana said...

Very sweet pictures. Glad you are more at peace =)

Leslie said...

she is adorable in her glasses :) My daughter is about to turn 13 and the coolest thing for kids this age is to wear glasses. She wants some sooo bad and has even asked me to buy some fake ones so she can wear them to school...I haven't found any yet..as even the reading glasses at Walmart have some sort of correction lens. I'm gonna keep looking cause she really wants some! Little Miss is going right along the style these days :) And from someone who needs glasses to see..I don't blame her for wanting to wear them :)

Ruth said...

Little miss looks very cute in those glasses!!