Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More drama drama drama

So just because yesterday's drama wasn't quite enough, I added "got-head-in-the-head-with-a-soft-ball" to the end of the list. And it wasn't really all that soft!

I have a pretty little knot, complete with abrasions from the seams/stitching. It was an accident, of course, just one of those random things - I was sitting under a covered patio during my husband's church softball game! I'm just still soooo glad it was me and not Little Miss, since she'd been standing in front of me literally seconds before. Praise God for that!

Everyone said they'd NEVER seen my husband run so fast. He almost vaulted the fence but realized just in time that it was netted across the top. haha! That would have been a picture! He literally slid up beside me under the patio, through all the people gathering around. Very heroic. I guess I needed some extra romance writing material... =P

No concussion, and no need for the hospital thankfully since we still don't have insurance at the moment. Just a gooseegg and bruising. We put ice on it from the concession stand and stayed for the rest of the game after Hubby checked everything out and made sure my eyes/pupils were normal, etc. I never got dizzy or anything, and I was busy trying to calm Little Miss down, who got scared in all the chaos, so it didn't really hurt until later.

So, I guess I just proved what my husband has known all along - I'm somewhat hard headed.... =P


Georgiana said...

Oh no!!! That's awful. Soft balls really AREN'T soft! Well, how neat to watch your hubby be a hero in your real-life romance :D

Leslie said...

oh no! I'm glad you are ok and that you had your handsome hero there to help you :)