Monday, January 18, 2010

Raining blessings

I can't post this without crying.

Remember my post from Saturday, about when it rains, it pours? Well now its pouring - my grateful, happy tears - because believe it or not, a few $100's really did fall from the sky Sunday.

Not from the heavens, but from Heaven. We were given money over the weekend from an anonymous giver that will meet our needs for the next two weeks or longer during this time of unemployment. This anonymous giver wrote on a note that they were prompted by God to

Mr. Anonymous, if you're reading this blog, please know your obedience is a bigger blessing than you'll ever understand. My husband and I cried and prayed together and thanked God for His providence and have asked Him to bless you and your family, whoever and wherever they are. THANK YOU. We were really drawing near the line, and this gives us more time to hear back from the fire departments Hubby has interviewed with and keep our family fed and the bills paid.

I feel like I've received a distinct, nearly tangible hug directly from Jesus on this one. He is meeting our needs during this storm in such amazing, creative ways. His grace IS sufficient.

I pray that if you have a need in your life, Reader, that you will have complete faith and trust that God is already in the process of providing. Just hold on to Him and wait.


Georgiana said...

Wow that is amazing!!!! God has been so good to you!!!

Andrea said...

Wow. God is great.

Erica Vetsch said...

God is so much bigger than our fears and our needs. Your post is a blessing to me today, so Mr. Anonymous's gift keeps on giving!

jenness said...

Hugs! (Um...NOT because Mr. Anonymous was me. lol.)

jenness said...

Hugs! (Um...NOT because Mr. Anonymous was me. lol.)