Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Computer problems?

Unless you prefer to write via paper and pen ala Jane Austen, a writer's most important tool is her computer. (and I admit to sketching ideas for plots and characters on a notepad sometimes, it jars the creativity!) But I think most of us would agree we are most productive while typing on a keyboard.

So, I have great news!

My good friend and his partner have started a computer business here in north Louisiana. ROCKET TECHS will, for a very reasonable flat fee, do pickup and delivery for local customers, give your computer a full system diagnosis, fix software problems, perform hardware troubleshooting, give data backup up to 4gb, and speed up your slow system.

Their tag line is "Other Problems? NO problem!'

I can personally vouch for Sean Smiley - he is a computer whiz and at one time worked for Best Buy's "Geek Squad", along with serving as a computer tech at various companies over the course of his career. If its' fixable, he and his business partner can fix it!

If you're not local to my area but are still in need of good computer service, I believe they will accept mail-ins. I understand shipping can be expensive but I still think you'd be getting a good deal because their prices are so great.

If you're interested in their services, PLEASE email me at betsystamant@yahoo.com and I'll give you the pricing info and their phone number.

Or you can email shreveport@rocket-techs.com and tell them Betsy sent you! =)

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