Monday, March 09, 2009

What a weekend!

I attended a local writers conference this weekend, WRITTEN IN THE STARS, by the North Louisiana chapter (NOLA) of the Romance Writers of America (RWA). What a fun weekend! I learned a lot, especially from Allison Pittman and Renee Ryan's classes, had a great time networking and catching up with old friends, making new ones, and enjoying some much needed BETSY time. =)

Here are some pics from the weekend, and later in the week I plan to blog on a few things I learned ,to share the wealth!

My new friend Mindy. She writes paranormal romances, and we had a big discussion about Twilight =)

Me with Steeple Hill Love Inspired senior editor Melissa Endlich. Lovely woman, inside and out. I had a GREAT time getting to know her and so glad I was able to meet a staff member of my publishing house.

Lenora Worth, winning an award! She's had, like, 9405849054 books published with Steeple Hill over the years. Great friend and neighbor! (She's actually had I think 37 books, but same thing. hehe)

Lenora & me, up close.

I was so excited to meet author Allison Pittman! We've emailed before but its so great meeting one of your favorite authors in person! She's a sweetheart and we had a great time hanging out. I learned a lot in her class on dialogue. Stay tuned, because later this week I will be doing a book giveaway on my blog for a SIGNED copy of a book from Allison's Crossroads of Grace series!

Allison teaching.

Me at the booksigning with Love Inspired suspense writer Robin Miller. She also has a release coming soon from B&H publishing. Awesome chick!
Lenora Worth, Connie Cox and Allison Pittman at the booksigning!
Me with Allison, promoting her fantastic stories.

Robin posing between signings. And yes, that's a Dr. Pepper, her trademark drink, in the Sonic cup I bought for her. (Hey, you owe me a dollar!) haha =)

Group shot

There's me with author Connie Cox and my Little Miss! Hubby brought her up to the hotel when it was almost time for me to leave, so Little Miss could meet my friends and get her first brush with author fame! She was a sweetheart and everyone enjoyed seeing her. Hey, it's never too early to start a career path! =)


Georgiana said...

Awesome pictures!!! How fun to have a conference to whet your appetite for ACFW ;) I'm interested to hear about your classes!

Mindy Blanchard said...

Great blog. I can't wait to hear about your classes and what you learned, since we went to different ones.


Connie Cox said...

HI Betsy,
I am so glad you enjoyed the conference! Your little one is adorable, too!