Thursday, March 12, 2009

For the frazzled writer...

Today, I'd like to encourage writers who feel discouraged. Maybe you've not yet received that elusive contract. Maybe you're still trying to land that star agent. Maybe you feel like giving up. I hear things like "The economy is bad so why even bother right now" or "I'm just not good enough to compete."

In regards to the economy, here's a fact. Just like sex sells, so does bad news. Have you ever heard people refusing to watch the local news or read the newspaper? That's because, unless there is a special segment, 99% of that news is depressing. So and so was killed, so and so died in a wreck, so and so started a school shooting, so and so is wanted for robbery.... It's ratings. It sells. The stories about kittens rescued from trees, families who are paying their bills, and positive church community outreaches just don't usually make the cut. So ignore the doom and gloom stats from the news and keep reaching for your goal. I've read as many articles saying that publishing is doing fine as I've read that its a sinking ship. Just step back, reevaluate your goals, and KEEP AT IT. More than likely, the economy will pick back up next year. And publishers will be feening for books! So be sure to have one ready to submit =)

As for the "just not good enough" excuse - here's a good, firm kick in your behind. And that's all I have to say about that.

Here's an interesting quote by Kevin Alexander. "Statistics say that almost everyone in America is working on a novel. But how many of them will actually finish it? The percentage is so small that it doesn't even compute on nonscientific calculators. Are you one of the few, the elite, the unrecognizable percentage who will actually finish your novel?"


Think about how many people will actually finish theirs. Kevin says the number is so small it wouldn't even show up on a calculator!! And its probably safe to say that a good 1/2 or 1/4 of THOSE people's work is going to be very amateur because its from writers too lazy to pursue the art of their craft and learn by going to conferences, getting critique partners, studying other novels, attending workshops, etc. etc. etc.

Think how far head of the game this makes YOU! YOU, the author who is trying, learning, and growing every day. YOU, the author who has completed one or even several novels and is actively attempting publication or agent representation. YOU, the author who is networking, attending conferences, and getting your name and smiling face in front of the industry.

YOU, my friend, are getting close. Don't give up now!


Erica Vetsch said...

Yay for pep talks, Betsy!

And yay for perserverence.

Georgiana said...

Very timely words!!!!