Thursday, May 08, 2008

Roses are Red, Violets are...five years old?

I got a love letter the other day - written five years ago!

Not kidding!

My mother in law called last week to tell my husband Brandon that he had mail that had been delivered to her house. We figured it was junk mail, since he hasn't lived at that address for about five years. We get there to say hi and pick it up, and you'll never guess what it was... a handwritten envelope in Brandon's own handwriting!

We all heard the twilight zone music (dee dee dee dee) until he opened it and realized it was the letter he had written to himself his senior year of high school. His english teacher at the time had instructed the entire class to pen a letter to themselves asking certain questions and telling of what they hoped to have accomplished in those five years after high school. She waited five years and then mailed them out as promised! Amazing.

Included with Brandon's letter to himself was a second handwritten letter to me (his girlfriend at the time) that made me tear up, it was so sweet. He was anxiously reading it over my shoulder, having forgotten what he'd written at the time (and was probably more than a little nervous! haha)

But my big hug afterward eased his anxiety. It was the sweetest letter in the world! He asked if we were married yet, or if we had kids yet (what neat timing - we have one on the way now!) and told me how much he loved me then and always. It was quite mushy, but in a good way. He even drew linked hearts at the bottom of the page and labeled each one "Mine" and "Yours".

You guys, this is huge. My husband has his romantic moments, yes, but mostly he's the hunting, fishing, outdoorsy, camo-wearing, knife-wielding, gun-shooting, burger-grilling, daredevil, big-truck-loving kind of masculine manly-man.

Forget brownie points! He just scored a whole bakery's worth =)

This letter is one I'll always keep and treasure, and hope to show our baby girl one day when she's old enough to understand.

Okay, everyone! Let's hear it for Brandon. On the count of 3.


AWWWWW!!!! =)


Georgiana said...

That's adorable!! How sweet! And what a neat idea by the teacher.

Lori said...


Love it. Love it. Love it.

Erica Vetsch said...

Yup, way to go, Brandon! And isn't life better five years on than you thought it would be?