Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pretty neat stuff...

My full length novel, Midnight Angel, published by The Wild Rose Press, is NOW available for download on Amazon's Kindle!

These are really neat machines and if you have one, downloading a story is very simple.

HERE is the Kindle link for my book!

It's a separate listing from the print version, so I have zero reviews as of now. If you've read Midnight Angel and would like to write an Amazon review for me, I'd sure appreciate it! =)

Thanks for celebrating with me! In honor of this new Kindle release, I'm giving away a free copy of the PDF version of the story for you to read as an e-book. Simply leave a comment to this post to sign up!


Georgiana said...

You go girl!

In a plane, or on a bus, Midnight Angel is a must!

OK, that was a really lame line, but I've read MA, and I hope lots of people sign up!

Kim said...

How exciting!! And such a great accomplishment for you! Congratulations!! :)