Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pregnancy 411

So I'm now into my fifth month of pregnancy, and already, I have a list. Two lists, actually - a list of the good, new, fun things I'm enjoying about my pregnancy, and a list of the things that I'll really look forward to doing again when this is over.

(note I did not say "list of bad things!" Because this is a blessing and I'm only complaining in small doses) =)

Here we go!

Fun Things about being a Preggo:

1. Everyone dotes on you. Suddenly, pulling a chair out from a table is taboo. Forget about picking up a box or lifting anything stronger than your lunchbox or the remote control. (which I actually get to hold once and awhile now. I always wondered what they were made of...)

2. Squealing inside Carter's and other baby clothing/accessories stores. I never realized the octaves of which my voice can reach. Its uncontrollable. I walk into Carters, and its like "Ohhh a beanie, how cute" and then I see a dress with ducks and I coo "awwww" and then I see a pink mini bathing suit with ruffles and squeal a little and then I see a terry cloth robe with a big whale and my voice keeps climbing and climbing until finally, near the baby sandals and tiny socks with lace, I'm certain only dogs can hear it.

3. Getting to eat bad and not feeling guilty. I admit this hasn't been as easy as I thought or hoped, but I am getting better about treating myself and not beating myself up. Its hard to go from a strict diet/exercise routine to always being hungry and the cravings - oh the cravings. Does anyone have a taco? Sorry, got distracted. Anyways, while you're pregnant, you can stop by McDonalds on the way home from work for a medium french fry and a small orange fanta and no one says a word. (yes, I did that today)

4. The gifts. You suddenly realize how much people really do love you and in turn, love your unborn baby. Its amazing and humbling and I've already cried multiple times at the generousity of our friends and family. I'm just now to the halfway mark and already, baby Audrey has more clothes than me! lol (Also, my mother in law is buying our crib, my good friend Katie is buying the baby bedding, and my dad is building a changing table. Can you believe it?) It's such an honor to be a part of their lives and I'm so grateful.

5. The instincts. Its pretty neat listening to your body and really knowing what you need. When I haven't had enough vegetables or protein or dairy in a day, I know it, immediately, and can recognize it and fix it. You get so much more tuned into your body than before - I guess because you HAVE to be. Its pretty cool and a neat revelation of God's handiwork.

6. The permission. I have to admit, its nice to be able to vent or get mad or randomly burst into tears and or fits of laughter and not have someone get mad or emotional back at me. =) Its like a free pass for drama!! And me being a drama queen, well - let's shine my crown, shall we?

7. The naps. I tell you, I've always loved sleep but never more so than now. I'm so grateful for naps and long nights of sleep and am stocking up because I know that will change for quite awhile after Audrey makes her debut. I've always heard "sleep when baby sleeps" and that will be my plan. But for now, I'm soaking it in and enjoying my extra hours, guilt-free!

8. The compliments. Strangers tell you you're glowing, clerks in the Party supply store tell you you look nice, bank tellers squeal and coo. Churchmembers clap their hands over their heart when you pass in the halls, and Hubby makes an extra effort to combat my "fat" moments. Its pretty nice!

9. The excuses. I can be running late, say something stupid, mess up at work, miscalculate on our bills, stumble into someone, etc. and all I have to say is "Whooops, I'm pregnant. Sorry." Immediate forgiveness!!

10. Being a part of something so special, so unique...even though billions of women have given birth over the years, its still so personal to each one. Every baby is different and to think that there is a little person growing inside me that is the only one her exact kind is, well, breathtaking. It also makes me appreciate the details God puts into human creation and development, and makes me realize what a true miracle and gift this really is. I'm honored to carry a little soul that will hopefully one day make a difference in His kingdom. This person has been entrusted to us to raise, and its a faith journey of unimaginable proportions. What a blessing - a scary blessing at times, an overwhelming blessing at times, but a blessing just the same. Who knows what little Audrey Elise will do or accomplish in her life, or who she will influence or what mark she'll make on the world, hopefully for our Lord? The possibilities are endless and I'm already praying for her daily. Amen!

So that's my good list. Check back SOON for the second list! =)
(again, notice I did not say bad. Just second...)


Delia said...

I love your good list. Those are all great things about being pregnant.

I'm a bit selfish and one of my favorite parts of being pregnant was feeling the baby move and knowing that while others could feel movement they couldn't feel it the same way.

Georgiana said...

EEeee, that's so adorable! Being pregnant really is the best. Have you felt Audrey move yet? That is SOOO cool! Hey, quit making me miss pregnancy!

Erica Vetsch said...

What a fun list. Enjoy every precious moment. And journal your feelings and experiences too. You'll love reading them later, and so will she. It is a great way to show how much you loved and wanted your baby before you ever saw her face.

Rachel said...

I love the name ya'll picked! What's her middle name?

Helene Byrne, BeFit-Mom said...

Sorry, but I just can't join you on number 3, Getting to Eat Bad. Fetal health is directly related to maternal health. Top scientists now see a correlation between maternal fitness and nutrition, and disease risk during both childhood and adulthood.

While an occasional splurge does not warrent a guilt trip, too many pregnant women go to the opposite extreme and use pregnancy as an excuse to over consume low quality foods, including fast foods, which are way too high in fats, sugar, and salt, and way too low in essential vitamins and nutrients.

Pregnancy is a critical time to raise nutrition quality. And forget about eating for two! Pregnant women only need to eat an additional 300 calories per day, which for the average sized adult, works out to eating for 1.2, a far cry from eating for two.

Overconsumption of calories in general, and in pregnancy in particular, is a major contributor of weight gain and obesity in women today. Not only is this detrimental for the individual, as obesity is associated with many diseases and lowered self esteem, but directly increases likelihood that our children will become overweight.

As mothers, our healthy lifestyle choices serve as the most powerful determinate of our children’s future health. Healthy moms have healthy babies and healthy families.

I believie that as mothers, we must step forward and assume the mantle of leadership, to actively steer our families to better health and wellness. It’s both an awesome power and responsibility. Not only is our own personal health at stake, but equally important, the future health and wellbeing of our children.