Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Forget the alcohol, I need a shot of Jesus! (and maybe a virgin Margarita just for fun)

Today was one of Those Days. Full of chaos, tension headaches, stress at work, self doubts, preggy hormones and of course, a nice rejection letter reg. my current novel being shopped by my agent.

I really do mean NICE. It was the best one I've ever gotten, full of compliments and explaining how the rejection was based on the market and what they were currently looking for, not based on my writing. The impact of the compliments will probably hit tomorrow, and I'll be a little more glad, but today, on top of the rest of things, it was a rejection. And my head still hurt. And work was still piling up. And I kept thinking of all the packing and things waiting for me to accomplish at home when I got off, when all I really wanted to do was crawl under the covers and wait it out.

After I consumed a dozen Smartie packs and nothing had gotten better, I realized this was serious. The coined phrase "I need a beer" came to mind, ironically since I don't drink, and I realized that I didn't need a shot of alcohol, I needed a shot of Jesus! I needed a hug, a touch from Heaven, something to reassure my raging emotions and pounding head and remind me that I am a loved daughter of the King, that I hadn't been forgotten in the midst of my bad day, that I was a good writer and that everything at home would somehow get accomplished in due time...

I closed my eyes and imagined Jesus giving me a hug. I teared up and felt better, and then I prayed, God, I need a World Vision letter. A letter from one of my sponsored girls would be just the pick me up I needed. Multiple times in the past I'd have a bad day, and go home to one of my sweet letters written in broken English, that break my heart in a good way and remind me of my real priorities in life. My World Vision girls bless me in ways I could only hope to bless them!

Guess what was waiting on the end table when I came home from work? A letter from my girl in Lebanon. I almost hit the floor, consumed with giggles and tears. I couldn't believe it, although I could. It was my Jesus shot, poured straight from Heaven in the form of a letter filled with chicken-scratch writing and heartfelt words. I savored every moment of it, not sure what made me feel the best - the sweet words inside or the fact that the God of the universe knew exactly when to get that letter to me, knew exactly when to impress the heart of the little girl writing it on the other side of the world...postmarked Feb. 1st! 13 days ago, God fulfilled a need that at the time, I didn't even know I had.

Forget beer and margaritas. (unless of course its the virgin slushy one with the fun umbrella, just for This isn't a debate on the merits of drinking vs. non drinking, but rather a reminder that regardless of your personal stance on alcohol, a quick shot of Jesus is free, a heck of a lot more productive, and the effect lasts twice as long.

Thank you, Jesus, for being exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.


Georgiana said...

Oooo, this is so amazing! God's timing is so perfect. Sometimes I have to stand back and be in awe. That means that God saw your entire day, and He heard you, and answered. So cool!

Erica Vetsch said...

Gid is sooo good, All the Time!

Linda said...

God fulfilled a need that at the time, I didn't even know I had. How great a God is that! He was working on your prayer two weeks ago! That is so cool to be able to see that and to know He loves each of us that way. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us--all before we even knew we needed Him. God is so good, in the big things and in the little details! Makes a person really feel loved, perfect story for Valentine's Day. Thanks for sharing that.

Lori said...

That IS a hug! I love those! :)

So good to know that our Father has taken care of all the details. His plan is perfect in wisdom and love!!

Cathy West said...

So awesome! Sorry about the rejection, but see how God does use all things for good?
Hang in there. He will give you all the strength you need.