Monday, December 10, 2007

Taped, wrapped and ready to rip!

I'm DONE!!! I must brag. I have finished ALL my Christmas shopping! The good news is I spent 3 hours Saturday afternoon sitting on the floor, wrapping all the gifts. The bad news is I spent 3 hours Saturday afternoon sitting on the floor, wrapping all the gifts! Ouch! I'm starting to realize that being pregnant means I can't do certain things anymore! (like sitting on the floor for 3 hours, wrapping gifts!) Unfortunately, these little tidbits of info come AFTER the fact. Realization dawned later that night when I had shooting pain down my left hip and into my...backside. But that's okay - a sore muscle in light of the fact that I'M DOOOOONNNNEEEE is worth it. =)

What is it about wrapping Christmas gifts that is so fun? Even though its frustrating at times, attempting to make straight creases or trying to hold extra pieces of tape on various fingers until the opportune moment (and there is ALWAYS that one odd-shaped box that is impossible to wrap!), I love it! Something about the glittery bows, the ribbon curled by scissors (how fun is THAT to do!!) the bright penguin or snowman-printed paper, the colorful nametags...and best of all, imagining the looks on my friends/family member's face when they open their surprise!

Wrapping gifts reminds me how fun it is to give. To truly give, freely, without expecting anything in return. Sure, most of the time, I can assume the people I buy for probably have something for me too, but its just as much fun to buy for those who might not. I really enjoy making others happy, thinking about their gifts and putting thought into who might really like what. It takes time and patience, and of course I'm guilty at times of just finding something in the store that would "do", but generally, I like to make my Christmas gifts count. Make them really mean something, be a memory. I get more excited about that than about opening my own presents!

So how about you? Are your gifts this year taped, wrapped, and ready to rip? Any particular present you just can't WAIT to see opened? Can't wait to see the joy or surprise or happy-tears on a beloved's face? (but don't tell me if the recipient might see this blog!)


Erica Vetsch said...

THe gifts are wrapped and waiting for my beloved family.

The one I am most excited about is a gift for my husband. It might not make it till Christmas...our anniversary is coming up in a few might be an anniversary gift because I can't wait! :)

Georgiana said...

Nope, haven't wrapped a thing! BUt I think it's lots of fun too. We bought a couple of gifts that I'm anxious to see unwrapped this year.

When I was in retail, we had gift wrappers, and I watched them closely to pick up tips on how to do straight lines and all that fun stuff. It can really be an art! But 3 hours on the floor?!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Can you do my shopping for me? I'll wrap. LOL! I'm so behind...